Monday, December 27, 2010

52nd Monday of 2010.......

We had a busy weekend which sadly has come to an end. We finally got the snow that has been promised us - can't remember if this is our 4th or 5th snow this month. Crazy! It is pretty though and still on the ground. It has been quite windy so most of the snow on the trees is being blown off but the temp is at 28 degrees so don't anticipate it will melt very much today. The sun is bright, the sky is blue and the ground is white. Kurt, Leah and Page2 got here Thursday night which was a really big help for me. Leah helped me a lot in getting some things done before Page got here Friday night.

Leah and Page2's "anniversary gifts" had finally come in and I think they both were surprised and happy with them. We have eaten like kings (or should I say pigs?) and it isn't over yet. This is the homemade bleu cheese dressing BigD is famous for and we all agreed it was the best he has ever made. We ended up eating all of it as a dip! We had sirloin steak, taters and mushrooms with this. BigD also cooked a Pork Butt on the rotisserie and sliced it for sandwiches.Kurt went for a ride around town Friday - he wanted to see one of his cousins, went to BigD's old home place and took this picture of the garage out back.The story goes that BigD's Mom, Dad, sister GG, and brother HL lived in the little white building until their brick house could be built. BigD and his younger brother were born after the brick house was built. Kurt also looked in the yard for the Jerusalem Artichokes his Gma used to pull and cook for them. He thinks he found one - going to plant it and see what happens in the Spring. I think he was feeling nostalgic. BigD's parents always had a huge garden in that field behind the white building which became the garage and "catch-all" for his Dad's "stuff". Kurt tells me all the time how much he misses home. I know we miss them - when I told him I feel cheated at times because both our children live so far away - he said he feels the same way. One of the things Leah did was place the magnets I decided to keep on my new fridge. Everyone agrees that the filtered water that magically comes out of the door is delicious.This is pretty much what went on this weekend - eat, lay-around, nap, watch movies, play games with Page2, eat, lay-around, etc., etc.,. Kurt enjoyed having both his "babies" with him together. He has always said if he had not brought Miya to us when he did, he would have kept her. They got along so well this trip - I so appreciate that Kurt and Leah clip Miya's nails and put her flea meds on her neck for us when they are here. Kurt does so well with both of the cats - they let him get away with murder. If you look behind Miya on the floor, you will see the anniversary gift Kurt and Leah bought us! We didn't have time to set it up this weekend but they will be back next weekend to pick up Page so hopefully we will get it done then. I know we are going to love it. I sure hated to see them leave yesterday but Kurt has to be back to work. I think they are a little excited about having a week "alone". Hope they have a great time together. Page1 and 2 are getting ready to go out to Ann's to visit and play in the snow with Boy and Biscuit. I'm going to use that time to work on the house some more. As always - everything has been piled into the office but I'm going to work on those piles today. BigD always asked me to let the kids go through all my old cookbooks and pick the ones they want to make some room for other "stuff" so I did. Page is taking a box of them home and I'll offer the rest to anyone who wants them. I did keep some family ones though.

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  1. glad you enjoyed your time with the "kids" perhaps I will stop by on thursday when I am off and out and about. love


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