Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter is officially upon us....

If there was any doubt about winter being upon us, just look at this poor tree. Even with no foliage, it is still pretty. I love the shape of it and look forward to seeing some snow on it soon. Yep - more snow. They are calling for it this coming weekend - I think that will be the 4th or 5th snow this month. It has also been very cold this month - bone chilling cold. Even when the sun shines, the wind blows right through you. I also got a picture of this really old car behind a large house we were beside today. I love the color - it is a deep cream color with deep red top. Gene said he thought it was a Chevy but I'm going to get BigD to look at it later to see if he can tell. He is pretty good at naming older models of cars.

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