Saturday, September 8, 2012

36th Saturday of 2012

Dwight went fishing Tuesday and came home yesterday. My dear friend Geral came up and stayed with me. She went in service on Wednesday and then took me to the meeting on Thursday. I started feeling bad on Thursday and haven't felt well since. I'm not sure what has caused it but I'm taking several new things. It may be the medicine I'm taking for my thrush, the Aleve or maybe another pill they have me taking. Hopefully it will even out and get better soon. If not, I'll have to call and go in to be checked next week I guess. I didn't take an Aleve last night in case it was that but my leg was aching pretty bad this morning so I had to go back on it. Here we are - it is almost Autumn again. The temperatures are still pretty steamy but the weatherman is saying we may be getting some cooler evenings. I would love to have a "real" Autumn for a change. One that lasts a little longer than a week and doesn't go from steamy hot to freezing cold.
I love this picture of Kelly and Douglas. Check out the rabbit ears on the TV. I have been scanning pictures quite a bit this week. They aren't in any order but I'm really enjoying looking back at some of the older ones. Dwight is going to take the old ones from his sister's house I've already scanned back and will pick up some more for me to go through.  Kelly has enjoyed seeing some of Dwight's Mom from when she was a young woman and girl.
Isn't Douglas the cutest thing in his little bathrobe?  He had just gotten his bath and was chilling.
I love this one taken of my sister Barbara Ann in 1988. We had traveled up to Buffalo to visit some friends and stopped back by her house in Pittsburgh for a quick lunch. She was so excited to see us.
I love this picture of Kelly at her graduation party. Monica had given her this little kitten for her gift and Dwight was furious about it. Kelly named her Charlie and it turned out Charlie became one of Dwight's favorite cats. They had a very special relationship and she became his. We still miss her.
Kelly told me this week that she is saving this dress I bought her for her graduation party for Page. I thought that was so sweet. Kelly is flying in next weekend. She is going to be working in their local office for a few days so I am really looking forward to seeing her.
This is a picture of our 25th wedding anniversary. That is my sister Alice on the end beside Kelly. The funny thing is we had both Kelly's graduation and our anniversary party in the same house. A dear friend had a large house and offered it to me for Kelly's graduation formal. Then Kelly asked if she could use it to surprise us for our anniversary. They moved back to California after a few years but we stay in touch and get caught up regularly. I do miss her though. 

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