Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last day of the Ninth month of 2012

Wow - this year is winding down. Dwight went fishing this past Wednesday and came home Friday morning. I was happy that Geral was able to spend both nights with me. She took me to my acupuncture appointment on Thursday and asked a lot of questions. She didn't bring clothes for the meeting so we listened in on Thursday night. Matt gave the part about our young people and at the end, he just talked from his heart and it was wonderful. Alice and Sidney also visited me on Thursday which was nice. Miya climbed up on Sidney and won his heart. We have lost several people to death these past few weeks. I'm beginning to think this is going to be something that happens more often as we get older. Never easy though, no matter what age you are. Sweet Patsy brought me home from the meeting today. I was worn slap dab out when I got home. My tongue is still doing it's thing every day and yep - it is getting old. We had some visitors at the meeting today which was nice.
I sent this picture to my neighbor today asking him if he can remember about what year it was taken. I'm almost sure it was around 1979 though. I think I was working for the Patent Attorney or had already joined TRW Environmental Engineering. As I said - I'm almost sure it was around that time.
I believe this one was taken in the early 80's on a trip to NY. This is at Wallkill. I'm not sure which trip it was. They all seem to run together. I have another one from another trip and have pants on in that one too. That was before we had to stop wearing pants for tours. I haven't been scanning very much this week but I need to get back to it. I picked up a 32gb flash drive to save all of them on. Today has been the first day that the coolness has stayed in the air all day. Please don't let it get too cold too fast. 

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