Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wedding pictures plus...

Yep - I've been a "scanning fool" these past few days. I have my scanner on a table sitting beside my chair and every so often, I grab a bunch of old pictures and start scanning away. I've shared a few of the ones I scanned from Douglas and Jessica's wedding on FB. I scanned some older pictures today and for some reason, I have a feeling I've scanned some of them before but can't find them. I wonder if they are on my desktop in the office. I haven't really gone in there very much in about a year.
Of course there are tons more but these show how young and beautiful they were on that special day. I hope they are having fun visiting Paul and family this weekend. Douglas has had some of Lori's famous French Toast and he let me know he is quite happy. Yum.
They will be celebrating their 15th anniversary this month. I have no idea what to get for them but am going to ask Kelly for suggestions. Maybe we could do something together? I also scanned a few of the very few for mine and Dwight's wedding night.
We got married on a Friday night in the preacher's living room.  GiGi was upset because her dress was made out of a fabric that was similar to mine but I didn't mind. Look at Sid Jr.'s big eyes - so cute.  I am so glad Tex brought his camera or we wouldn't have even these few pictures. I love Alice's red dress and black hat. She has always and still has excellent taste in clothes. 

Mama, Dwight, Dwight's Mama - Lena Malvine and GiGi at Malvine's house right after we were married. Later Mama went home, changed into her uniform and went into work a little late that night.
H.L., me, Pop, and Tex.  I think it was either Tex or H.L. who brought a bottle of champagne and they all had a sip out of coffee cups even though Malvine was not happy about that at all! It was Tex or H.L. who told us to go to Malvine and Pop's house after we got married so we could take more pictures.  Again, thank you Tex.  I gave my beautiful yellow roses to Monica before we left. I have a picture of that somewhere with a few more from that night - - they will turn up somewhere.
When we were planning Kelly's wedding, Mama told her one day; "with all the shopping for clothes, flowers, tons of food, a venue for the reception including a DJ, etc.,-- at the end of the day, you will not be any more married than your Mom and Dad or me and your Granddaddy". We all laughed but she then went out and bought herself the most expensive and beautiful red dress she had ever owned to wear to Kelly's wedding and she looked great! Kelly still has that red dress.
When it is all said and done, I'm happy we got married the way we did. I'm also happy it was a little more special because Tex brought his camera so we would have something to look back on that night in December that changed our lives forever. We went home, changed clothes and drove east for a weekend honeymoon on the Outer Banks. We were  babies but we made it and we are still here......

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