Sunday, September 2, 2012

Daddy 95......

Yeah - Daddy would have turned 95 years old today if he had lived.  As it turned out, he had just turned 65 the September before he died on February 12, 1980. Four of us have lived to that age but none of the girls have lived to the age Mama was when she died - 77. Barbara was 76 when she died so it is up to Alice now to break that record and get us moving back up toward the ages of our grandmothers when they died.
I have put this picture on here before but since I haven't scanned any new ones of him I will use it again. I see so much of my Dad when I look at my son Douglas. Especially the one of him playing the guitar. I need to scan the picture I have of Daddy when he was 17. He looks just like Douglas at that age only with dark hair. Daddy could be super charming when he wanted to be. I remember feeling so vulnerable when he died...I miss you Daddy.

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