Friday, September 21, 2012

Still scanning away

Was glad I got to the meeting last night. Have definitely got to keep moving when the weather is nice. I do believe Fall is upon us - so, so hoping it stays mild for awhile so we can truly enjoy it. Not ready for cold weather yet. I've been scanning a little bit every day except today - so far.  The day is still young but I'm definitely going to get out of here and walk today.  Janet explained a little bit about what she thinks is going on with my tongue seizing yesterday when I had my acupuncture. She had me push real hard on a spot under my tongue and it did help a little bit.  One more piece of the puzzle is she thinks the muscles affected are shifting.  Did you know there is an actual condition called tongue tied? Well of course if there is, I'll be the one to have it.  Anywho - I've enjoyed sharing a lot of the pictures on FB.
This one of Daddy holding Douglas while Mama looks over his shoulder. I miss them every day. The blouse Mama has on was mine but she loved it so much I gave it to her.
I love this one of Mama holding Kelly. She loved both of her Grandmas. She has always said she had the perfect combination of Gmas- one who adored small children and the other who was great with teenage grandchildren. Kelly was extra special for a little while to all of our parents since I lost my first baby (when we lived in Norfolk, Va) and then had trouble throughout the first half of my pregnancy with her. I even went into labor early with her later and then the little booger dug in and decided to wait until her due date. I put this one up just because I'm missing Mr. I.T. today.  Anyway, I'll share more later but right now, I need to get outside and walk.  Later taters........

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