Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where does the time go?

Believe it or not, I've been quite busy this past week. As you know, I've been scanning pictures whenever I feel like it. Sadly, the scanner stopped working so I decided to try and get a combination printer, scanner, copier to replace it that would still fit on the little fold up table beside my chair but wasn't sure how I was going to pull that off unless I ordered it on-line. Dwight went fishing this past week. I was able to get three baby sitters to stay overnight with me so that was fun. Thank you Deborah, Marlan and Amy.
I totally enjoyed being with all of you. Dwight came home Saturday refreshed and happy. He picked Kelly up at the airport later that evening and they picked up some of her favorite Chinese food. I tried to eat some of the soup but it was a little bit too spicy. Since Kelly is using my car for work this week, I rode in the big black beast to see my Dermatologist yesterday for my regular 3 month appointment. He told me that since they haven't found anything, he will see me again in 6 months. That was good news. Dwight had some jobs to do and was frustrated because I have three appointments this week so I called Deborah and she took me to my acupuncture visit again today. I enjoy listening to them talk when she goes. Deborah and I love how passionate Janet is about what she does. She is being very aggressive with my acupuncture right now and boy do I need it. I have another appointment with her on Thursday. I am so ready to truly be better. Dwight, Kelly and I went to see Ennis Sunday. It was hard but I'm glad we got to be with her if only for a little bit. She and Mike were both asleep so I woke him up gently first and then I woke her up. She responded to us very well and tried to talk to us. Mike said she had a lot of company earlier and he thought that was why they were both sleeping when we got there. She was very happy to see us which made us very happy we were there. After we left there, we went to Costco for Dwight to pick some things up.  Kelly and I went inside with him so I could see if I could find a printer/scanner.
That is the fastest I've ever bought a printer. They didn't have a large selection and I knew I couldn't take too much time so this is the one I bought. After we got home, I proceeded to scan tons of pictures but I had connected everything wrong so none of it worked.  I had to call my computer guru to come over and “fix it” last night.  Kelly had a company dinner at Kanki Steak house in Raleigh last night and tonight she and Barb went to Angus Barn for a glass of wine and snacks after work. Kelly called Dwight and brought dinner home for him. I can't believe she will be going home around lunch time tomorrow but it has been so nice having her here if only for a little bit. We haven't seen Douglas, Jessie or Page since the beach trip in August. I hope it will not be until the end of November until we see them again. I might ask Dwight to take me up there for a short weekend next Month
after my Pet Scan and doctor appointments. It has been raining off and on all day. I mean - really raining. There have also been tornado watches all day today. I have felt blue the past few days. As I mentioned about 9 months ago we lost my dear cousin. It was hard seeing his wife at the reunion this summer but she seemed to be doing pretty good. This is a picture of her (Joy) with my Aunt - my cousin's Mom - taken several years ago. My Aunt has been very worried about Joy ever since Dwayne died. We found out this week, Joy died on Monday. She had been sick for quite awhile but it seemed very sudden to me. It is hard for me to believe we have reached the age that we may be losing many of our loved ones.  Enough of that! After my appointment yesterday, Dwight took me to see Judy.  I think she was happy to see me. She has been so supportive of me since I've been sick and I wanted to try to be supportive of her now that she is having such a hard time.  It was good being with her and her dear hubby.
These are two of the many pictures I scanned today. So many years ago and yet, at times seems it like yesterday. These were taken in the late 80's early 90's I think.
An oldie but goodie. Back row is my sister Faye, cousin Nellie Gray holding cousin Cleo, my sister Alice with her hands on my shoulders and Grandma King with her hands on my sister Amy's shoulders. Amy was named after this grandmother.
And this is a really, really old one of me at age 5. It was taken by a neighbor who had a little boy and she would ask Mama to let me come down to play with him. She was very sweet to me. Those are the little bloomer shorts my Mom would make for us out of chicken feed sacks. Oh - I almost forgot some big news. Katrina is having another little girl.
I'm a bad girl. I snatched this picture from her blog page. It is the only one that shows her pregnant. That means Marlan will have four granddaughters and one grandson. I can't wait to meet her.

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  1. she'll enjoy meting you one day too! I'm sure she'll love you as much as my other 2 do :)


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