Saturday, September 8, 2012

Forgot to post a picture

I forgot to post this beautiful picture Jessie sent me from their trip to Pittsburgh. It is my favorite from their trip so far.
The only thing missing is Lori. She was taking the picture I guess. Also their beloved dog - Tetsu. Oh well - next time. I am so glad they got to be together.  I just took my daily walk (I try) and was rushing to get it in before the rain starts. The wind started really gusting and it felt so good.  It is quiet right now so will probably start raining soon. Dwight just left to pick up some prime rib from Texas Roadhouse.  I just noticed how sad Page looks. I'm guessing she didn't want to come home.
I have been wanting to post this picture I scanned from 1988. It was taken the same time we stopped for lunch. I hadn't filed it with the other ones yet. I was trying to remember if I had put it on here before and decided - who cares. We can look at it again. Right?
A friend had this on FB and I had to snatch it and put in on here so Kelly will see it. I LOVE IT! It is so whimsical. I love reading but Kelly loves reading AND riding bicycles. :)

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