Monday, September 10, 2012

After reading Sonia's post on her blog for today, I think I'm going to follow suit and not try to think up a title for each post I make. I wanted to comment on her blog but couldn't figure out what had changed and wasn't able to. I make it very easy to comment on my blog.  Why allow it and then make people jump through hoops?  As stated on my blog, these are the "meanderings" of "my" mind. They should be spontaneous - not "thought out" or planned. I went to my acupuncture appointment this morning. It had been 12 days since my last visit with her and I was looking forward to it. I did let her know that my primary care physician had gotten her name and information from me so he could refer some patients to her. She was thrilled. Dwight told me I should stop referring people to her because she has gotten so busy it is hard to get an appointment with her now. I'm happy for her though. One of the things we talked about today is how I can't breathe out of my nose anymore. I can breathe in my nose easily but not out. She gave me a little exercise to do with my tongue that we hope will help.
It got quite cool last night and felt great today. When we got home and Dwight pulled into the driveway I noticed some wildflowers growing beside the "crick" as my neighbor calls the ditch running between our properties. I came in and got the scissors so I could cut a few of them to brighten my day. I know they won't last long but it will be nice while they do.
I've been sharing the pictures I've been scanning on FB and Paul scanned some he had and shared them with me. I love these pictures. The top one is Kelly and her second cousin at Mama's, the middle one is Kelly, Douglas and my sister Barbara on Mama's front porch and the bottom one is Page getting out of my Volvo (I'm the passenger) in Mama's front yard.  The fact she is driving means she must have been at least 16 years old here. This must have been during one of Barbara's few visits home. Paul thinks it is the year I let him drive my Volvo home one night. After we got home, he said, "that is the first time I've driven a car with straight drive". I was surprised because he did very well. I was thinking about sharing a few more but decided not to overdo it (which Kelly reminds me I do so often). I can't wait to see her this coming weekend. Dwight is planning to go fishing so I'm going to work out some logistical "stuff" for while she is here. She sent me her agenda so I'm hoping Matt will be able to pick her up. She definitely wants her favorite Chinese food while she is here and I'm hoping I can try a little bit myself.

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