Monday, September 3, 2012

Thirty-sixth Monday of 2012

Only 17 more Monday's to go until the end of the year....Dwight was concerned because Douglas and family didn't get on the road to come home for PA as early as they hoped. The text message Jessie sent said it was after 11:00 when they left because it was so hard to leave. It is hard being so far away from family. On top of that Paul and Lori are wonderful hosts in every way.
I love this picture of my brother-in-law and Page.  I haven't seen his hair this short in a long time. I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures from their time there. Hopefully they will put them on FB and I can snatch a few.
I just noticed in this picture that Doug's leg has a bandage on it. I wonder what is going on with that. I sent a text message to both of their phones trying to see if they are home yet but didn't here back. I don't know which one of them is driving so don't want to call. I decided to call Lori and find out for myself and she said it was a little after noon. She said they enjoyed the weekend very much including having a fire outside last night. I just got a text from Jessie saying they were in the middle of No Where, West Virginia, had not reached Beckley yet and it was raining cats and dogs. She said she has a feeling the landscape would be pretty if it was daylight. They are all going to be so tired tomorrow going to school and work. You know what --- they are young. I remember doing trips like this when we were a younger family. I wouldn't completely unpack the suitcase for days. If it is between spending down time with loved ones over unpacking right away - I'll take the down time with loved ones any day.
This is a picture Debbie sent me of the flowers I had sent to her this past Friday to congratulate her on 25 years of regular pioneering. It is a little blurry but she said they are real pretty.  She and her husband came by with another brother and sister on Saturday and after she didn't mention them, I asked her how she liked her flowers. She said "what flowers?" and I told her I had gotten a confirmation they had been delivered on Friday. She said she bet they were on her front porch and sure enough, they had been out there all night. She said they looked good though so she was happy. I sure am glad they came by on Saturday. I now have the CD for the convention I missed. I need to figure out how I'm going to listen to it. The good news is, Dwight might be going fishing for a few days so that should help a lot. He really, really needs to get away so I'm happy.  I'm also happy to have access to the internet for immediate answers to important questions like "Why is DiNozzo from NCIS on Major Crimes tonight?".  And the answer is, he is in the middle of negotiations for the extension of his contract with NCIS as well as the roles of McGee and Abby. happy to get that cleared up.

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