Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sugar, Blood Pressure and Kidney Stones.......

When I received my report on the blood panel the doctor ordered from last week, I became a little bit concerned. He wants me to come back for a fasting test to rule out diabetes and already had me coming in today to re-check my blood pressure.When I got the results, it truly was a wake-up call. I've been so self-destructive lately - especially with my over-eating and this is what it took to make me say enough. I went by a friends before I went to have my BP checked and had my blood sugar checked. Sugar was 107 which isn't bad but they like it to be under 100 for fasting. Then I had my BPchecked which was still a little high (the lower number was higher than it's ever been - in both arms). The positive news is I had lost 3 pounds since last Tuesday. Hello? Wow - that was amazing. I may have hit on something here. I also scheduled the fasting test for next Thursday - this week was impossible - and will have my BP and weight checked then again. Hope the numbers are much better. Page called to say she has kidney stones!!!She had to be taken to the ER and they loaded her up with drugs and sent her home with a strainer! My first inclination - as a Mama - was to fly down right away but she insisted not. From everything I know of them, the pain is horrific when passing them.I know her two BFF and Bentley will be there if anything happens but I'm still worried. This is when I feel helpless. Here I have the annual pioneer meeting tomorrow in Salisbury and then the 2 day Circuit Assembly in Salisbury Saturday and Sunday. I'm just going to wait and see what happens. Got to get ready for pioneer meeting tomorrow - first time we have had it in Salisbury! So much encouragement.

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