Thursday, April 1, 2010

Writer, Author, Novelist.......

My oldest sister is all of the above. She sent me one of the first books she wrote many years ago and it takes place in the little town my Mother spent most of her youth in. As a matter of fact, my mother and three older sisters were living there when I was born and I lived there for a few years myself. So even though my Mom's Mother moved elsewhere, whenever Mama talked about "going down home" , it was either this little place or one close by. She never moved her membership from the little church she attended. My first memory of being in a church was there - standing beside my Mom as we stood up to sing and then her holding my hand while she bowed her head and closed her eyes - then I looked around and everyone else had their heads bowed and their eyes closed and I remember thinking - "what are they doing?". I know people still have a hard time believing this but I was extremely timid when I was young and very seldom left my Mama's side (would hang onto her skirt) whenever we left the safety of home and even then if someone different came into our home. I have found in reading my sister's book that it makes a lot of memories come flooding back. She wants me to make sure her burial plot is still where she selected it at that little church so I think I'll be making a little ride down there real soon. I may see if my children want to go with me since they will be here soon. That would be a nice little trip for us to take together. I told my older sister that my Page at one time wanted to interview all my sisters and write down our memories but two of my sisters were adamant about not wanting to. Then I told her she should write down all her memories and she thought it was a good idea. I may try to do the same thing - maybe between the two of us, we can come up with enough for our grandchildren to know more about where and who they came from - mostly the good but also the disappointments so they will understand that life is made up of both. Sounds like a plan

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