Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good intentions, beautiful day, 9th Saturday of the year.....

I had all intentions of getting up early this morning to meet the 7am group but wasn't sleepy and was up until well after 1am. I did get to my BS this afternoon and her boys were so cute. I had to get some updated pictures. They are both growing up so fast.
I started to cut the little one out of the second picture but I couldn't cut those pretty eyes out. The good news is this study and a letter to my sweet aunt made my time for this month - nothing toward the debit I have but hey - I can celebrate if I want to. Eileen called before I left for the study. She was sitting on the beach wearing a light jacket, said the wind wasn't blowing at all and it was wonderful. She wants to move down to their little house when her hubby retires which may be sooner than later. He just isn't sure so they are thinking about trying it out if he has his knee surgery and they can be there a month together while he recovers to see how it goes. It would be a big move for them but she has wanted this for so long I can't help but hope she gets her dream. She is getting closer to the congregation there and even though I would miss her, it would make me happy knowing she is happy. I also spoke briefly with Roseanna - she had a good day in service and got her hair cut today! We were both so ready to get our hair cut! She was telling me they had a fun girls night this week so I know that made Bri happy. Then I received a few pictures and text messages from Fran - they are working on a big surprise for this coming weekend (shhh not going to say) and were going through old pictures. She sent me one of Kurt and her youngest daughter from their trip to CA years ago - they both look so young! They WERE YOUNG!!!! She also sent one of Page, Wen and Chris from Kurt's graduation party but it was even more blurred than this one. We are both getting excited about being together in a few weeks! I can't wait! We agreed there is nothing like good memories and we plan to make some of our own. Big D and I have fallen in love with Manchester's Grill and like that we can call for take out orders. Big D is going to pick up a bottel of Chardonnay (at Food Lion - costs an arm and a leg at the restaurant) and our dinner. Okay - it isn't the best wine but I knew better than ask him to buy me Kendall Jackson - he would have freaked out!!! He is trying a Shrimp Pasta tonight but I'm sticking with one we have both tried and liked that has chicken and Italian sausages. Yum.

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