Thursday, April 22, 2010

4th Month, 16th Thursday of 2010....

Wow - we have already passed the 1st quarter of the year! When did that happen? April has been an interesting month so far. I can't say that all of the first two weeks were always happy times. Of course I totally enjoyed having Page2 with me for the whole week even though her high fever robbed us of some things we had both been looking forward to - I was with her and that was enough for me. And then to have my other children come later in the week was wonderful. We had a good meeting tonight and a dear brother almost made me cry. He was talking to me and he said "hold on a minute, I want to show you something. You sent me something a long time ago and I carry it with me all the time and every so often I open it and look at it and it makes me smile". I could not imagine what it was. He dug around in his bag, brought out a bunch of envelopes and went through them until he found one I had sent him. It was a letter I had mailed him from Atlanta when I was down visiting with Page for a week or more back in 2005! I used to insert pictures I had taken into my letters to let people know what I was doing and I had put one of Page at the end of my letter to him and his wife. He told me it made him smile every time he looked at that picture because he has always thought so much of her and loves her smile and how beautiful she is to him both inside and out. I need to find a better picture of her - we were both hot and tired this day at the Botanical Gardens. Now I remember - it was my first year of pioneering and I spent two weeks with her. I totally enjoyed my time not only with my baby girl, but with the local congregation. It was also the first time I met Page's friend at work. This brother is the same way about my son Kurt. Any time Kurt visits, he always tells me later how much he loves him and how he makes him laugh and feel good and that he is a fine young man. I remember right after Page moved to Atlanta he came over to me at one of the meetings and handed me something and whispered in my ear - "I found this in some pictures and have had it in my bag forever to give you but keep forgetting to give it to you". It was a picture of Page at her graduation in her cap and gown. His youngest son graduated with her and he took pictures of her that day too.I felt like saying, "talk amongst yourselves, I'm verklempt. Of course I had to go to the bathroom for a few minutes because I got a little choked up. He apologized later because he said he didn't think about the fact that she had just moved. Such a sweet brother. He was injured in a horrific accident some years back and it is a miracle he survived. He lives with pain every day but works tirelessly to take care of his family and his friends. He always tries to greet everyone and works to encourage people no matter how bad he feels. I used to love to watch him and his wife dance at gatherings. They could dance up a storm but he has a steel rod in one leg now so she has to be satisfied doing the "electric slide" when she feels up to it. Good friends, good memories.

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