Friday, April 30, 2010

Day One - OBX for wedding.......

BigD and I got on the road around 9am for our trip down East for the wedding. He wanted to eat breakfast about 2 hours from our house but when we got there, we had missed breakfast by 15 minutes. We decided to eat lunch and he was very disappointed in it. I felt bad for him because he had his mouth all ready for a good breakfast and then disliked what he got. Later we stopped in Columbia where they have this wonderful Nature Walk around the water for him to do a little fly fishing. I love to watch this man fly fish - he makes it look so easy. He tried to teach me how one time at the pond behind where Kurt and Leah lived when they first got married. It became apparent very quickly that him teaching me just wasn't going to work. :-) Okay - I wanted to stay married to him so I decided to shelve that little lesson for another time. :-)
Then we drove on to Manteo and down the drive that used to lead to where we shared a trailer with some other friends of BigD's for a year or so. This restaurant has some of the best friend shrimp and clam chowder you have ever tasted and I especially love that it is still here after all these years. There are no trailers down this driveway any longer - it is now full or really nice condos. BigD's niece and her hubby sold their home several weeks ago and have moved into one of them for awhile until they decide what they are going to do next. Then we came over the bridge to a place full of wonderful memories for us. This little motel is on the causeway right over the bridge. The rooms have been remodeled but the outside is still the same. The room is very nice - big and roomy and more importantly, very clean. I love what they have done - the walls are painted one of my favorite shades of green - Sage -and the bedspreads of very brightly colored. I noticed there is now a window that shows the back of the motel and the view was calling my name. I had to take my book out to absorb a little Vitamin D from the bright sun that sparkled off the water that kept moving in different directions as the wind would change directions. Big D had gone to pick up some ice and a few other things but he came out as soon as he got back. Of course if there is salt water - the fishing rod isn't far behind. I can honestly say it was one of the most relaxed I have been in quite awhile. I'm sure the wine didn't hurt but it truly wasn't necessary. Of course, BigD comes down every year with his fishing buddies but we had a good time talking about the old days. Even though the sun was warm, the wind was just cool enough that it was totally comfortable. I could have sat out there all day like that and might have if the sun had not insisted on setting and bringing to a close and very nice day. BigD had talked about eating the seafood of a popular restaurant down the street for days but when he finally got it, he was totally disappointed - again. That is what happens when you are such a good cook - it is hard to like something from a restaurant. I wish I liked seafood as much as he does - sadly, I did love my shrimp. I truly hate that the fish and crab weren't what he was looking forward to. So far he has been disappointed in both meals he had today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for him in that department...speaking of which, the left-over key lime pie is calling my name so I'll sign off for now.

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