Thursday, April 1, 2010

Memorial - 108 Publishers - 289 attended

The moon was gorgeous and I had to reflect on how it must have looked all those many years ago when Jesus was being questioned by Pilate. Keith's dad gave our talk and did a wonderful job as he always does. Eileen was excited because it was at last year's Memorial that she had decided for sure she was coming back. This sweet young man has become a little friendlier with me lately I'm happy to say. He even asked to work with me in service one day and we all enjoyed him very much. He is such an active little thing but smart as a whip. All of Geri's children were present except for one son. It was so nice seeing her looking like she felt okay. She has been having some significant health issues lately. I have been listening for her comments at the meetings since 1967 (except for the years we were assigned to another congregation). Such a faithful sister. I also caught a snapshot of two of her granddaughters and a great nephew. A young sister, Gail and Keith provided flowers for the front and back of the KH. Ger usually does this but ran away to California with Rue for the week and will be attending the Memorial there. The back of the little girl with long curly hair is one of her great granddaughters. She is such a pretty and sweet little girl. Her mother is the twin sister of the young woman with short hair and the Chesire Cat smile. One of the reasons she is smiling is she has been looking forward to a week in a gorgeous chalet in the mountains next week. She and her family have had their share of sickness (her oldest son still had a slight fever) but hopefully the trip will be just what they all need. The beautiful young woman with the two little girls is the daughter of Ger's nephew who lived with her and her family after his Mom died. I was happy to see all of them at the Memorial too since I know they have all been sick several times this year. I'll have to say it has been a rough year for sickness for everyone - as soon as a family gets over one thing, something else makes its way through everyone Eileen and I are both captivated by this young woman - she always look so pretty - great hair and style about her. Of course her daughters are going to be as pretty as she is. I had to get one of Keith with his grandmother and then of course one with me. What a special young man - I have totally enjoyed getting to know him over the years and watch him mature into such a special man. I also had to get one of the beautiful Lil - what a special lady. Love her smile, love her wit, love her strength and faith and especially her love of the true God she found so late in life. After the Memorial,I rode with Rie and her family and we met Ran and Lin with their family at Goodberry's. Yum - Heath Bar Concrete. It was a little chilly but the kids had a ball and we couldn't stop looking at the moon on the way home. One of Ran's co-workers and his wife came to the Memorial and we had an opportunity to answer some of their questions. We'll see what comes of that. I've really been missing Roseanne since she started her new job. I think she is going to really like it once she is completely trained and up to speed. I told the sister she works for that I hadn't realized how often I emailed her or talked on the phone with her at her other job. There were some real down times in that job when she was the only one in the shop, she was caught up with her record keeping and there weren't any customers. I didn't even realize she had gone to the Memorial with her son and his family until I saw the pictures so I snatched one. Sorry Katarina - had to have it. I brightened it up a little. Look at that pretty little girl.

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