Monday, April 19, 2010

When is it okay to be a tattletale?

Definition: a tattletale is someone who betrays secrets or “tells on” others. Okay - I'm a tattletale which in some people's eyes is just one notch above a "rat fink". However, there comes a time in our lives when we are required to be a tattletale if we want to be able to call ourselves responsible, caring and loving friends. That time is when it is to protect someone. I had to "run and tattle" to a dear friend about something I became aware one of her children is getting involved in. She was so appreciative and is going to handle it gently w/o "giving me up" if possible! I told her to do what she has to do because I love her children and would have gone to this one myself if it wasn't that they are so young. So I guess I fit into the "tells on" part of tattletale rather than betraying. I know of so many parents who have lost their children to the dangers of our society who probably wish every day someone had tattled to them about what they saw happening to their beloved children before it was too late to reach them. We have to protect our precious children fiercely.

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