Thursday, April 29, 2010

The next generation.....

When our children were younger, we were always doing something with other families including beach trips together. I am on FB so that I can now look at (and snatch) the pictures those children are posting of "their" children. Wow. I used to work with the wife of one of those kids and their little girl is so cute. The latest pictures of her on FB puts a smile on my face. Look at those eyes - is she going to be a heart breaker or what? Her middle name is Jane, the same as mine and her Mom so I'll just call her Mom Hidee on here. Of course her Mom is a beauty herself. I love this picture of Hidee with Baby Jane's older brother taken at the beach. Hidee loves being a Mommy and it shows. The picture here makes me think of Hidee - since she also as a "take charge" personality. Hey - I LOVE a take charge personality - someone has to make sure everything gets done! These two little one have tons of cousins as well as wonderful close friends. When they all get together as a family, it is a very large crowd. Another one of those kids is getting ready to add her own little one to the new generation. I can't believe she is over 6 months here. Can't wait to see pictures of this little one - her Mom has been a beauty since she was born. Know her Mom and Dad must be excited as this will be their first grandchild. And now I'm thinking - these babies will have wonderful memories of their own to look back on when they have children. "Grandmas sit in chairs and reminisce - Boys keep chasing girls to get a kiss - The cars keep going faster all the time - Bums still cry "hey buddy, have you got a dime - The beat goes on, the beat goes on"

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