Monday, April 26, 2010

A few of the things I love.....

Here are a few of the things I love - nothings special, just things that catch my attention from time to time. Old structures being taken over by nature......I try to imagine

what the structures were used for, how many hands touched the buildings and over how many years. When Roseanne and I toured castles and old structures in England, I would place my hand on the stones and wonder who in the 1500's may have rubbed the same stones. Amazingly, these were taken with my phone today while we were out in the country in service. Not bad.
As mentioned in a previous post, I love dance - all kinds of dance just as I love all kinds of music. When I went to work with the company I helped grow, I was already a member of the ADF and took my children to many performances. As a result, the first piece of art my bosses bought to put in my office was a ballerina done in oil on linen. They eventually gave that painting to me as a gift. It hangs in my bedroom and is the first thing I see when I wake up. I also love Lladro Figurines - my first one was a gift given to me by a dear sister I was close to when she and her family moved here for awhile from NY. It is funny how she knew me such a short period of time but when she moved back to NY, she gave me not only the Lladro; but she gave it to me in the design of the art of dance. Page gave me the Lladro behind the ballerina as a gift later. I only knew that sister closely for a few years but we connected right away and every time I think of her, I think of the words passion, courage, and strength. She had already been treated for breast cancer when I met her and lived cancer free for 8 years before it returned. She fought a fine fight and her daughter wrote me a beautiful letter telling me how strong she was to the end and how much she loved me. I think of her everytime I look at my Lladro Dancer. I also bought a print by Edgar Degas of Seated Dancer when I was in England. I finally had it matted and framed and it is also in my bedroom. I tried to get a picture of it but the glass in the frame reflects too badly. I also bought a dancer in a charity shop in the Forest of Dean. I loved their charity shops - they are like our consignment shops but they each have their own charity - animal protection, cancer, children, etc.. It is with my other Lladro figurines, a doll my boss bought for me in Canada (she is French Canadian) from an artist who makes beautiful dolls, the clown a young brother bought me from a vacation he was on and the little kittens from my Mom's house.

My boss bought me several other of the handmade dolls with the hats but they were broken in a manner I would rather not share here. It hurts too bad to think about. My husband's niece whose middle daughter is getting married next weekend used to invite us to her youngest daughter's dance recitals in the summer. She had a great instructor who took her job seriously and the recitals were beautifully done and very professional. One of the last recitals I went to, she wore a blue (combination of light, aqua and dark blue) body suit that covered everything but her face for a modern piece depicting the waves of the ocean. Her very last move that I watched her rehearse and practice over and over one week when I stayed with her while her parents were on vacation resembled this. I held my breath until she nailed it and then had to "whoop" out her name! It is hard to believe she is in college now. When I saw this piece, I immediately thought of her and how talented she was. Her Mom was here one day and noticed it and commented it reminding her of her daughter doing that move. The little vase beside it was given to me by my Page2 who painted it for me while she was visiting Page. When my children were younger, we discovered Cedar Creek Pottery in the neighboring small community across the Lake from us. We used to go over there on a regular basis to see what new things they had and we were never disappointed. I would love to have the money I spent in that place on gifts and treasures for myself and those I love. One of the last things I purchased there are these lovely blown glass Irises. I bought the pottery vase there also. I just realized I need to make a little trip over there and see what is going on now. If you look closely you will see a small statue of a black and white cat Leah and Kurt bought us from a beach trip. It was to represent our sweet Charli. The little frame in front of the statue has a picture of Charli in it. When BigD would get home, he would walk out to the mailbox and on his way back, Charli would have already walked out to meet him coming back up the driveway and would lay down for BigD to rub her belly. The Rock pictured here was a gift from a close friend on our 25th wedding anniversary. She said the Rock shows the strength of our marriage in spite of all the dark marks, rough spots, cracks and crevices in it. I can't believe we will have been married 45 years this December. The time just flew by - especially after the children were born. This entry is just getting way too long. I've got to get to bed so I can be out a full day tomorrow. I will post one more picture of another of my favorite things - Roses. My Dad loved Roses - especially red ones. I bought these at Wellspring when I picked up the Key Lime Pie, Chicken Salad and Smoke Mozzarella and Spinach Pasta. Look closer and you will see the cute card Eileen sent me from the beach last week. She is so thoughtful. I'm looking forward to our little vacation coming up next month. Gerl, Yvonne and I are going down for most of the week with Yvonne (and maybe Gerl) coming back Wednesday morning but I'll stay down until at least Thursday. This will be Yvonne's only vacation before her knee replacement surgery in July so I'm hoping the weather will be good. ~

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