Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hopefully the fun will begin soon.....

After many conversations with young mothers, nurses, Leah talking to their pediatrician, etc., etc., I finally said enough! Page2 has not had half a day or even a complete night without her fever spiking. Every time I think it is getting better - she is burning up and here comes more meds. Sher and I agreed that it was time to bring her in to rule out UTI, Strep and Ear Infection. Since Page2 was a "micro-preemie" her pain tolerance is very high. The one ear infection she had was so bad by the time they found it, there was pus in her ears. So they ruled out UTI, right ear looked okay, left ear was a little iffy and her throat was a little iffy and could be infection or from the major allergies she is suffering from. How do you spell pollen? It is covering everything like a blanket - hard to be outside for very long. It was so thick on our screened in porch and is even worse on our deck. It is like walking through yellow flour. Bottom line is they said her fever had been too high for much too long and they feel there is bacterial infection that needs to be taken care of. Because her weight is 46lbs - they gave me a bottle with 3 teaspoons of an antibiotic - one teaspoon a day - and they hope/feel it will take care of "it". So let me help you understand - 3 teaspoons of this little liquid medicine cost over $49.00. Hope it is the miracle we are looking for. Gail called today to check on Page and we agreed that I should have gone with my first gut instinct and taken her to the doctor sooner, however, this might not have shown up then. Oh well, hindsight is 20-20 isn't it? Page2 arrived a little late, something had to be fixed on the plane while they were on the runway in Atlanta and then they had to circle our airport until the light came on showing the landing gear was down. What did they do????? --- Lay-off the mechanics with seniority? That makes you feel warm and fuzzy doesn't it? She said the pilot was great though and told them the landing gear was definitely working but they would be getting some "free" flying time at no extra charge. You have to appreciate that sense of humor. I love to fly with a pilot who not only loves to fly, but loves to share that love with the passengers - it makes you feel much more comfortable than thinking someone is a unhappy employee flying your plane. After driving around the airport about 5 times, Page2 was sound asleep and I mean sound! She was snoring like a logger! Poor baby - so stuffed up. When Page got in the car, she felt so bad because Page2's little head was hanging over so she crawled in the back seat to support her. Page wanted Bullock's Barbecue and that was fine with us. We had a feast of BBQ, Slaw, Stew, hushpuppies, turnip greens, cabbage, baby lima beans - well, you get the picture. Their sweet tea is the bomb too but Page and I cracked at bottle of Kendall Jackson and it was nice. So Page2 is very happy to finally be tucked in bed with her beloved Page. I put all her meds, thermometer, water and tissues on the bedside table, cleaned and started the new Vaporizer in their room and dabbed the Vicks on her chest and soles of her feet. The steam may be making that little back room a little too hot for them - both Pages have heat sensitive internal thermometers. I'm trying to get some clothes washed and dried so I can have one less thing to worry about. Ann called and we are going out to be with her, Boy and Biscuit for most of the day after my medical appointment in the morning (I'm not looking forward to that but will suck up and "act" like a grown up). Hopefully we will get to see Mae tomorrow also.

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  1. I'm SO happy to be able to post comments again :) Hope Page 2's medicine kicks in and she can start enjoying her time with you guys. Hope your dr aptmnt goes well. And say hi to Ann for me :D


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