Saturday, April 24, 2010

A full up to the top kind of day........

Wow - my Saturday was pretty busy. First I had my study and got the cutest picture of her youngest baby boy. He was in such a sweet mood - playing by himself while singing. I love it when little ones can entertain themselves like that. He was also cute while flirting - smiling and coming close then backing up. Look at that smile - makes you want to squeeze his little cheeks. His brother wasn't in the mood to have his picture made at all. :-( Then I went to Roseanne's for the bridal shower. It was a floating shower so I didn't see everyone but did get a sweet picture of the happy couple. I didn't stay long enough to see them open their gifts but her Mom said she liked what I gave them. It was a carafe and two lovely glasses that had silver intertwined around them with pale yellow stones placed throughout the silver. I purchased it at the Farmer's Market from a local artist. I've bought other things from her but this caught my eye right away and I thought of them. Hope they enjoy it. I was happy to run into a lot of friends I haven't seen in awhile. It was also nice to see Roseanne's two daughter's and newest granddaughter. Judy and I left the shower and met Arlene at her house for our next adventure. It had been a long time since I had seen Arlene so I enjoyed getting caught up with her. She had been in Australia with her Mom for 5 weeks and we enjoyed hearing about her visit. After we put the address of the Winery into the GPS, we got underway. Judy had me stop because she felt the GPS was taking us the wrong way but after we talked about it, we decided to go with the GPS - thankfully. It was a beautiful ride and the GPS took us right to the front door of the winery. I'm not a big fan of NC wines but they did have a Chardonnay that was quite nice. We had time to look around while waiting for the group that canoed and kayaked down the Haw River. We crossed the Haw River on our way up and it was beautiful - very high and extremely calm. When they arrived they were all very excited and invigorated by the exercise and the beautiful river. The buffet was nice and the service was excellent. It was nice to catch up with Sandy and Elda. Of course I took tons of pictures but will only put the group picture we took (sorry but several of the families had already left) and one of me with their craggy guide who was very camera shy. You can tell by the death grip I have on his arm! No really, he kept saying he would be recognized because his face was down at the Post Office as one of the 10 Most Wanted. After we left, I was thinking - wow - wouldn't that be something if he was telling the truth? NOT! Then as I left from dropping Judy and Arlene off, I called my niece to tell her I wanted to come hear her sing her last gig with the band on 9th Street and she said in a croaky, hoarse voice - sorry honey, that was last night! I'm like - What? I thought it was tonight and she said "nope - it was last night". Okay Senior Citizen moment two in the last week - that's getting old. Oh man - after I told her I was sorry I missed it, I asked her if she was so hoarse because she sang her heart out knowing it was her last performance and she said, "Yeah - I just got to where I can talk at all but it was good." She said there was a good turnout and she felt like it was one of her best performances. When she told me about quitting the band, she said the saddest thing about it was that since she made her decision, the band had been getting tons of calls for gigs. She went on to say she knew it was time and she was happy with her decision. I'm just glad I have a CD of her wonderful talent. Mama and Daddy were always proud of us and my sisters are very smart and talented; but they would also be proud to see how smart and talented their grandchildren are. Not that I'm prejudiced........

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  1. I didn't know you had a niece in a band. What's the name of it?


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