Thursday, April 15, 2010

Doctors, X-Rays, Drugs, Dogs, Cats.....

Here is my beauty. She is such a pretty girl and much sweeter now that Leah and Kurt clipped her needle sharp nails for me. I think this is the first time I've been able to get a clear (without the red-eye) look at those pretty blue eyes since she was tiny. Okay - I spoke with two of my friends as I was on the way to the doctor this afternoon and by the time I got there, I was a little worked up over how angry I have become at my body, the reaction to the BP med, the reaction to the Flonase and the whole mess with the never-ending cough. I've been on the new BP med since Monday so my BP was quite low but Pam said my pulse was racing. I told her it was because I got angry on my way over and she wanted to know why and I said - "no, it will just make me angry again". She insisted so I told her. We both had a laugh but I told he she might need to bring Toby before the doctor came in so my pulse would slow down. I think she must have warned the doctor because sure enough, in came Toby with the doctor right behind him. I could feel my pulse slowing down - SUCH a sweet dog. The doctor heard a little rattle in the left lobe of my lung and didn't like how long the cough has lasted. We were also trying to determine how much the first BP medicine had to do with it being an on-going cough. He mentioned to me how excited he was that the BP medicine he gave me (which is the one he takes also) was now available in generic form. That is why he originally put me on the other one - because it was cheaper. Win-Win. I had to go have an X-Ray and go back to the doctor's office for drugs. He gave me a pretty strong antibiotic that I have to take 4 times a day. I hope what "might" cure me will hopefully not kill me. He said I have Bronchitis (had it last August) and the med he gave me should take care of all of it. I called Eileen after I left the grocery store to tell her I was planning on being at the meeting tonight. Depending on how I do tonight, I also want to get out tomorrow. Will have to see how that goes. Had a senior moment while at the doctor's office and shared it with my girls - we all had a good laugh. Anyway, I put the roast on and have to go back and get the medication so I can get two doses in tonight. Sooner I get it in my system, hopefully the sooner I'll feel better. Sadly, my Poppies aren't lasting very long. They are so delicate to start with but I have truly enjoyed them
while they have lasted. I noticed Big D had not eaten his Daisy Cake cupcake when I was putting the groceries away. I hope it is still good. He didn't remember us telling him it was in there for him. Hope Kurt doesn't read this or he will be sorry he didn't eat it! :-) I can not believe how going to the doctor's offices, picking up a few groceries and dropping my prescription off has worn me out. Man, this getting old really sucks. My tulips still look good. I also really love tulips but like most of the flowers I love most, they also don't last too long AND they are expensive to purchase. What does that mean? I know - plant my own? Forget it! For one thing we have tried to plant many things around here and most never make it. Also - I have learned that my talent is appreciating other people's talents - I am NOT a gardener. I dream about being one, I would love to be one but I do not LIKE being one. Maybe it is a hangover from when I was "made" to work in the garden hoeing, weeding, picking and watering. I'm very allergic to insect bites, poison oak and ivy and the leaves on cucumber and squash plants make me break out and itch. NOPE - NOT a gardener. I LOVE to have flowers on my deck but forget to water them half the time. I've said it once and I'll say it again - "I should have been born rich so I could afford a gardener and housekeeper."

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