Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another week winding down.....

I never get tired of looking at this picture - it represents a luxuriously, slower pace of life to me which is something I long for from time to time. Even though I had a little of that on my beach trip with Eileen, I was only in Paris a short period of time with a migraine to boot, but it was still wonderful. People there walk a lot which I think helps them take their time to notice their environment - something we tend to forget to do here in our fast paced environment. I do work at it though. I love this picture I got of Page on Friday. She wore my hat while we were walking door to door. After service, we rushed over to a house our friend is looking at to rent. We all liked it but she is waiting to hear on another one closer to her Mom's house. After I put together a lasagna for dinner and drained the marinated veggies, Leah dropped me off at DebC's house to meet with the committee. Sounds important doesn't it? We are planning the 5th anniversary party for Jmee and Mac. I wanted them to taste the veggies to see if they are what they want for the party - it is a recipe my boss used to fix and we all loved it. Leah and Page went shopping and came back with the cutest romper for Page. We were laughing about how that style keeps coming around - I wore them when I was a little girl too. The one she has is much cuter than the ones I wore though. She also got a new bathing suit to go with the other one she just got. She is getting taller but when I weighed her to check her sizing for a catalogue we were looking at, she still weighs about 47.6 pounds. Leah also bought this pool for her and will take it home with her so she can enjoy it this summer. We may take it to the beach with us in August. She enjoyed the pool today with her friend Cam. It took me awhile but I finally found a picture of the romper I wore as a little girl. I think my mom made them for us and as I recall, they were very comfortable. They aren't as grown up looking as the one Leah found for Page but I think I like that. It seems we are trying too hard to dress our children as adults. I've always wanted my children to stay children as long as they needed to - being a teenager and grown-up comes fast enough. While I was looking for the romper I used to wear, I ran across another pattern my Mom must have used because I remember wearing them. We had chickens when I was little and the chicken feed came in nice bags made of material women could use to make clothes out of once the feed was gone. Mama would make me these little bloomer shorts to wear in the summertime. For the most part, when it was real hot, I don't think I even wore a top until I was about 4 years old - I remember distinctly the first time I realized I didn't have on a top. Mom used to have a picture of me in a pair of my shorts with a striped t-shirt on. My hair was shoulder length and still kind of light. It was brown by the time I started school. Kurt liked the lasagna last night but I liked what he brought with him much better. There is a gourmet doughnut shop close to where he lives and they are so yummy. I'm sure they can't be too fattening - right? Ahem. Moving on - BigD and Kurt picked up a Johnny Boat at a friends house and then came home to "rest-up" for their fishing trip. I can't blame them - the breakfast BigD made was yummy and even I felt a little sleepy. They are just going to a lake that is pretty close by - I hope they catch a few to make the trip worth while. BigD keeps talking about ordering prime rib from Outback so I think that will be what we have for dinner. Gerl brought some fresh squash from her Mom's garden yesterday so we will add that to the pot. My cell phone just rang that I had a call from Page but I couldn't figure out how that could be since she had called to tell Kurt they were going to a concert to hear The Reign Band. When I answered the phone - all I could hear was loud music so she must have called by mistake. Hope they are having fun. It is now 7:12pm, the sun is starting to slide downward a little, Miya is still sleeping on the back of the chair, Page is in the tub (with a slightly red back from being in the sun in her pool), Leah is texting someone who asked for some information, I'm looking at the flowers Page1 sent me, Andy Griffith's and Opie are on TV and we are all doing okay. I am incredibly sad about Miya's potential health situation but with all the drama that surrounds us daily, we have to remember that life keeps moving forward second by second and what is truly important is to grab on to every sweet thing that comes our way. An example is this darling gift from Lin and Ann - my two spiritual daughters. It was given to me wrapped in purple tissue paper - a dragonfly. They are both so sweet to remember how much I love dragonflies and pottery - of course Ann can't help but remember because I am always trying to snatch her pillow! Leah and I were talking about maybe getting a small suction to attach to the back so I could keep it where I'll see it every day... one idea. So - to all my children, family, friends and loved ones -carpe diem!

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  1. Just bought Makenna a cute romper from Target last week while shopping with Marlan and Briana. I love rompers -grew up in them myself!

    Love the dragonfly! :D


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