Monday, June 28, 2010

Memories keep on slipping, slipping, slipping into oblivion....

I'm not kidding here - my memory (short term) is all but shot. I haven't really had time to work my crossword puzzles every day but will attempt to do better with that. Don't panic Page - not ready for the nursing home yet! Just don't worry too much if I start repeating myself. LOL Leah sent me a text message with this picture showing Page2's new "do". I love it - she also has on her little romper I mentioned in a previous entry. Enjoyed a long day in service today and want to kiss the hand of the man who invented air conditioning for homes and cars. My goodness - every time one of us opened the door, (oh yeah - we did driving territory) the heat rushed in like a wave. Eileen joined us this afternoon and it was so good to be with her. She has been taking care of her dear hubby who had knee replacement and her Mom came back to live with her this week also. Question - how can something so small cause so much misery? My poor toes - they have itched like the devil all day and tonight it just got the best of me. First I tried soaking my foot in vinegar but got no relief. BigD suggested saturating a face cloth with alcohol and holding it on the blisters which I did (and rubbed some) and it does feel a little better. Mine are on and between my toes but have the little blisters and red all around them. They were so tiny and I couldn't just brush them off - they were determined to do as much damage as they could while they could hang on. My sister Ruth and her granddaughter got bitten/stung also. I snatched a picture of the farm from my friend. I can almost see my friend I.T. down there piddling like he loved to do. He would get so dirty and it didn't seem to faze him in the least. I used to laugh when his brother Hal would come and visit - I don't know which one of them would get the dirtiest - it was almost like they were in a competition. Mae and I used to laugh about it. I love how you can see a rain cloud coming over the silo, barn and sheds. I haven't called Mae yet - I'm planning to wait a few days. Lee and Ann told me they were having a private family memorial for Mae's daughter up behind the farm house and her ashes were scattered where her sister's were some years ago. As strong as this family is, there has just been too much loss these past few years. They are in my thoughts and prayers always. I have almost completed my assigned task of taking care of end of life plans for my sister Ann. I promised months ago to take care of this and have only to order the memorial headstone for her grave site. The one we order may have a design but I promised her no picture, no praying hands, no poems, etc.. I spoke with the secretary of the little cemetery who said I could go ahead and have the monument put there with both her name and her husband's name as long as it wasn't more than 2 feet - this is a single space. The plan is for Ann to be buried and her hubby's ashes will be buried where she is later. He said that would be fine. The man at the cemetery stressed it can't be bigger than 2 feet because of it being a single spot and I assured him it wouldn't be. Their names will be listed up and down instead of side by side with names and date of birth for now. Naoki is sending the two checks that will be deposited in an insurance account for the pre-planned costs and I told him I will take care of the monument and he can reimburse me so we can go ahead and get it down there. That is truly the only way we can be assured of having that particular location beside Mama. Ann wants it plain like the one above (I think it will be a tiny bit wider) with their names and dates only. I've been looking on-line for a peignoir set and so far haven't been totally successful. I'm thinking I will look again with her daughter-in-law and my sister Ruth while we are up there for a visit. I know what she wants - it is just a matter of finding it. I know she will rest easier once the plans have been made so I'm really working hard to get it done chop, chop. I "snatched" the last picture from a friend who was visiting her new in-laws - this looks so peaceful to me and I want to end my entry on a pleasing note.

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  1. I can't imagine thinking about tombstones and cemetery spots for myself, let alone someone else. Please just burn me up and throw my dust to the wind! "All we are is dust in the wind.."
    Sorry about the bites, those fire ants are nasty little buggers :( Hope you are healing up by now...I'm catching up on your blogs, like to read them in order, so am unsure of the update as of yet :)


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