Sunday, June 6, 2010

End of a rough week.......

Friday was an up and down kind of day - kept feeling so sad about my friend dying but did have a nice chat with my sister Ann and she sounded so much better. We agreed that Pleurisy was a lot better than something that started with the letter C. Her surgery went well and the fluid was draining from a tube they left in. We talked about my sister Ruth and me driving up when she feels better. I moved slowly Saturday morning and had almost decided I wasn't going to my friend's memorial service. I got ready and went. Even though it was emotional, I'm glad I went. I saw a lot of old friends and re-connected with my friend's family for a bit. I had to get this picture of one of my 'guardian' children. I can't believe she is already 14. I came home just in time to receive a very distressing phone call. My sister's daughter-in-law called to let me know they had tested the fluid that was draining and there were cancer cells present. She said my sister plans to go home and heal from this surgery before she decides what she will do next. Talk about a kick in the gut! I feel so bad for Ann and her family and am getting real tired of all this bad news. After letting two of my sisters and the kids know, I was pretty much done for they day. Not much sleep last night but slept a little later this morning. We had a wonderful WT study today with lots of participation by the kids. After the meeting I had my study with Fina, ran home to change clothes and pick up a bottle of Kendall Jackson before going to Roseanne's for a nice dinner of salmon, asparagus and rice. Yum. There was a nice breeze so we decided to finish our wine on their deck. The sky was beautiful and their yard is full of trees so you feel like you are in deep woods. It was lovely until the mosquitoes started feasting on us. I grabbed two of her gardenias off the bush by her front door and headed home. BigD asked me to pick him up a fish plate on my way home and after looking at the long line outside Goodberrys I came on home. So the week has come to an end and hopefully next week will be much more positive. I hope my friend's family are getting through their grief and that soon time will take the edge off the pain they are feeling so intensely right now. I'm looking forward to visiting Cat with Mae and her daughter tomorrow after service. The beat goes on.......

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  1. so sorry to hear about your sister :( Hope she will be alright.


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