Saturday, June 12, 2010

Great friends, great new wine, great food and good day overall.....

Okay - it has evidently been a much better day because all of a sudden I wanted to bake a pie - not just any pie - one of Mama's (and her Mama and sisters) trademark pies - Chocolate Pie. I was very disappointed in the last one I made so this one made me very happy (and BigD gave it a big thumbs up). We had already decided we would order a pasta I've discovered that I really, really like. After my sister Rose came by earlier today, I also talked on the phone with Eileen and Fran. Why is it that I've been blessed with such good friends? As I've gotten older, I've learned the difference between my good friends and those to whom I am a good friend to only. It doesn't mean I don't value the ones I'm good friends to only because I do; but I do feel I've have been blessed with some that are truly good friends to me and for that I'll be eternally grateful. Before BigD went to pick up the pasta and salad, he opened the bottle of wine I had put in the fridge to cool. When he showed it to me I was shocked - it wasn't the Kendall Jackson I thought it would be. It is a 2008 Chardonnay called Catena and was made in Mendoza Argentina. From looking at the label (which is a pretty cool label) this wine is made by a family who have been in the business awhile. Amazingly, I really liked it so will have to check it out at the store to see how much I paid for it! I know - kind of scary isn't it? We are waiting to hear back from BigD's niece - it seems his sister is going to have to have knee replacement surgery. We want to be put on the schedule to take care of her during her recovery and pt time so her daughters and granddaughters aren't overloaded. Eileen's hubby is having a knee replacement surgery Monday so I know she is going to be so busy for awhile. I hope his surgery goes well as I do my sister-in-law. Fran was working on her talk for next week. She said she liked the new format of my Blog as does Katarina - will have to wait and see how the kids like it. So far - nice, slow Saturday........


  1. Glad you had a good day! And that pie is picture perfect. I don't like chocolate pie, but I could see myself enjoying a nice large slice of that baby :D mmmmmm


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