Friday, June 18, 2010

Catching my breath.....

Leah took this picture of Miya after I brought her home from the Vet. She put a caption with the picture saying - "doesn't she look innocent?". Makes me smile because that is so true - she "looks" innocent. She had a pretty rough day earlier - we (Leah) noticed some blood in her stool yesterday so I took it to the Vet and dropped it off so they could run tests on it. Took Miya in at noon to get the results and have her nails cut. Of course everyone ooohhhed and aaahhhed over her but then it got a little serious in more ways than one. Turns out the tests showed nothing serious - probably a little tear "back there". However, when the doctor listened to Miya's heart, she heard a heart murmur. They drew blood for tests to see if she has a heart disease. I'm concerned - especially since she isn't even 3 years old yet. Of course the bill was over $200 (shhhh - BigD would kill me) and if they find heart disease, they are going to want to do an Echo Ultrasound - hello? I couldn't help but feel a little anxious as I was leaving the office. She is pretty though isn't she? Getting a little hefty around her behind but hey - she looks like her Mama - what can I say? I'm hoping it is "just" a murmur and that it will just need to be watched. Leah and I were both unhappy to hear it. I took Leah and Page over to a friend's to swim in their pool and then went to the grocery store where I spent WAY too much money. Put together the marinated veggies (made my own marinade according to the recipe my boss gave me) for us to try tomorrow. If we like them, we will serve them at the anniversary party we are planning for a friend. My friend's son gave his first talk on the school tonight. We were all so proud of him. This is her with Leah tonight. She is such an industrious young woman and a very talented artist to boot. She works very hard to make sure her children are safe and happy and includes her extended family and friends in so many fun adventures. Of course she comes from a large productive family. Her grandmother is one of my favorite people of all time. The first time I met her grandmother, I was dating BigD and we went to her house to pick up BigD's older brother (he was 15plus years older than BigD) who was visiting them. She had red hair back then and a house full of laughter and lots of children. She is such an encouragement to everyone who knows her and played a special role in both my children's lives. I also have to mention that a friend's granddaughter graduated this year. There have been quite a few graduating this year but they will have to stand in line for their gifts - can't do them all at one time. I really wanted to put this family picture on here so Page1 can see how the family has grown. She used to baby-sit this young woman when she was just a little thing. She inherited her Dad's height and I hear is a fine young woman. Where did the years go? I also have three other young friends and a great-nephew graduating this year. Spent all their gift money on Miya's doctor appointment today - will have to be patient. Douglas took some pictures this week and sent them to us. At first I thought it was some kind of flower arrangement and then we got the second picture - hello? I have never seen anything that even resembles this but I'll have to admit it is beautiful - in a creepy crawly kind of way. I'm glad Leah decided to stay on - she was planning to go back home on Wednesday when Bri left. Kurt decided to come down and hopefully fish a little with BigD so she stayed on. We are going in service tomorrow and may go swimming at our friend's pool again - I might even have to go this time. Tomorrow will be busy between service, cleaning up at least a little, putting together a lasagna before I go to a planning meeting for the anniversary party. Try to be back before Kurt gets here and have a nice meal together.

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