Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Country Style Steak and Gravy and Baby Lima Beans with Corn ........

Yep - BigD decided to cook some country style steak and gravy and what we call butter beans and corn. I happen to have some nice tomatoes to make it a perfect Tuesday night supper. YUM. Got a nice shower this morning, two loads of wash going, let my hair go natural and had a nice long (HOT) day in service. The person I need to order the monument from was in another branch handling another service so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to order it. After speaking with the guy at the cemetery, I know we have made the right decision to get this done right away. He basically has no intention of saving that spot for Ann - it will be a first come, first served if left up to him so I told him what I was doing and he said fine but it has to be the right size or he will have it moved. What a ding dong. Guess he missed the class on Customer Service 101. I did have a great morning with my dear friend and her three kids. We worked way out in the country and she had two really nice calls plus a return visit. I snatched quite a few of her pictures from FB. We noticed this beautiful squash that was just begging to be picked in one of the yards. I have grown very fond of this young woman and her family. She works so hard to be a capable wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and minister. One of her better qualities is her ability to see things for what they are - not gloss them over or fool herself but actually wants to see the truth of things. They are waiting to hear about several houses they have looked at to rent since they have pretty much outgrown their nice apartment and need something bigger with a yard. She started talking about my Page this morning - telling me how much she and her twin sister were always in awe of her. Not just how beautiful she is but how she seemed to have it all together. Of course it made me feel proud as a peacock because I feel the same way about my Page. Just as we were walking to one of the doors, my phone rang from Ann's daughter-in-law. It turns out the lab work (almost a month ago) also showed Ann has a bacterial infection and needs to get on antibiotics. When she called her primary physician, she refused to write a prescription and told her she should go to an emergency room and then follow up with her oncologist. I just got off the phone with Ann's daughter-in-law who said they didn't give her any medication at the hospital because the bacteria is evidently a rare strain and she has to see a specialist (side point - she went to this hospital ER because they have those types of specialists but none of them came down to see her) so they sent her home around 7:20pm. I am so unhappy with this situation - my 75 year old fragile sister was in the emergency room for 10 hours and they did nothing for her. She was so exhausted they had to take a chair to the car and bring her in the house in it. She is going to be worn out for her appointment with the oncologist tomorrow but maybe we will get more information on what exactly is going on. One more point was the guy in the ER feels this bacteria is being driven by her cancer. I don't know how I will ever be able to share with this beautiful young woman how much she means to all of us for everything she does. Ann has always told me she is the daughter she always wanted and has never had anything but wonderful things to say about her. Sadly, I will have to close out just as uncomfortable (if not more so) as I was last night from my little fire ant mementos I got at the reunion. Been keeping alcohol drenched cloth on it for two hours and just finally got some relief. Wicked little buggers.

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  1. Funny that you called the fire ants wicked little buggers... I just called them that in your last blog before reading this...we are southern gals aren't we ;)


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