Sunday, June 27, 2010

Family Reunion June 2010....

I slept so good last night. Leah called to say they would be late so I hid the key and went to bed. I must have been snoring really good because Page wasn't in the bed with me - poor baby. :-) I got up and made some coffee and got started. I put fresh mushrooms into the crock pot I had started the night before (on the porch)with a beef roast and tons of good thick mushroom gravy. The meat was very tender. I got the butter beans (baby Lima beans) going (with fatback and butter) and put the pie crust in the oven to bake. After mixing the pie, I put it on the back eye and put Harry in charge of stirring it until it thickened. The crust was done so I put it on the top of the stove in front of the pot of pie custard. I touched the pie plate and it pretty much exploded. Yep - the front eye was the one on and between that and being close to the one the butter beans was on wasn't good. We threw away the butter beans and the pie - the glass was everywhere. Kurt was great and got up most of the glass. I put Harry to work cutting up some veggies and then put together the roasted veggies. After I got them in the oven (two pans but I combined them to serve), I took my shower and decided to just let my hair go natural. I'm glad I made the fudge last night - I was making it mostly so I could take some to my nephew who loves my fudge full of pecans but took the whole recipe (with him some separate in a bag) for the dessert. Ruth brought banana pudding, Mama's corn pudding and chocolate bread pudding so we were covered. We loaded up the car and got there in pretty good time. I was pleased with how many people braved the hot weather - it truly was pretty miserable. By the time we took pictures, everyone felt like Page did in the picture above hanging on her Uncle Paul. Even though we worry about her not being aware enough of strangers and/or danger, I do love how she is so comfortable with most people. I had to get the computer set up pretty quickly because my nephew and his family had another event to attend with her family. I think everyone enjoyed the Skype experience - I know Ann did. When Mom's family decided to have their own reunion, it was decided to have it at her brother's home because my grandmother lived there most of the time. Even though my uncle and my grandmother are gone, it has stayed there which is appropriate because my Aunt has always been loved by my Mom's family as if she were their own. I loved my Uncle - he was a quiet man and I used to think we resembled each other. We both had dark skin, dark brown eyes, brown hair and we were both quiet - I know, I know. Anyway, my Mom really loved her two brothers and when he died it broke her heart. The two guys in the back on the left are her sons and the woman in the yellow shirt on the right is her daughter. They are very special to allow us to continue coming to their home every year and we do appreciate them. The beautiful white haired guy in the picture on the left has a really big family but these are the only ones who were able to make it this year. We were happy because he wasn't with us last year due to having back surgery. His Mom was close in age to my Mom and I remember a lot of laughter anytime they were together. The woman on the right is my second cousin and we played together a lot as youngsters. Her Mom is the oldest grandchild in our family and I have very fond memories of her. I used to borrow her gorgeous dresses when I was a teenager - remember - I was 5'8" by the time I was 13. My boyfriend (Tommy) and I used to hang out with her and her husband when we were dating. Her Mom was one of Mama's older sisters and lived near us for many years. I guess that is why I got to spend so much time with this lovely woman standing here with one of her grandsons. I can't believe she has great-grandchildren! And then you have my crazy clan! I missed seeing Page this year - hopefully she will be able to join us next year. I spoke to my cousin about maybe pushing the date into the Fall when it would be cooler. Definitely something for us to talk about. I was pleased with our turnout - if you count that Ann was with us on Skype - Mama would have had all 5 of her Pearls at this reunion - she would have been happy. So three girls and one son of my grandmother's 7 children were represented by their children and grandchildren - my grandmother would be happy too. Leah just called to say they all got home okay and for me to go to bed! She is such a sweetie. I found out that Leah and Page keep up with Ann's Blog - I think I write too much in my Blog - but as Ann brought out last night - I do my Blog for moi. I love and appreciate that there are some people who enjoy reading my blog but I certainly will not be upset if others aren't interested in the ramblings of a rapidly aging old Southern Lady. Ya'll sleep good now - ya hear??

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