Sunday, June 20, 2010


miscellany [mɪˈsɛlənɪ (US) ˈmɪsəˌleɪnɪ]: 1. a mixed assortment of items
Leah just sent me this picture of Page with Miya's brother Hiro sitting beside her. She sent it via telephone and wrote "I think he missed her. He's been sitting with her since she sat down". It is a little blurry but so cute. The house seems quiet tonight without the kids here. Kurt caught this picture of BigD wearing Kurt's hat while they were fishing yesterday. Oh my goodness - it is uncanny how much he reminds me of both his Dad and mine in this picture. The hat reminds me of my Dad but his face in this picture reminds me of his Dad whom I called Pop. He developed his love of fishing from his Dad and several other men in his life. This other picture is of BigD working on a boat ramp for his friend who has a house in Morehead. My dear husband is cursed with having the ability to fix about anything you hand him. Kurt took the fish they caught home and like his Dad, he has become a really good cook and will definitely not let them go to waste. As far as Miya and her condition - I think I am still in shock. I have so much on my plate for tomorrow - after service, I have to handle some important matters for my dear sister Ann. Her daughter-in-law told me she has lost 12 pounds since her surgery (she is already very, very small) and still hasn't spoken to the oncologist. My sister Ruth has so much on her plate for June and July there is no way she will be able to make the trip before August. Leah has told me she will go with me if we go in the middle of the week so that is probably what will be happening in the next few weeks. BigD isn't happy about me driving my car so I'm not sure what I will be doing. I may check flights but every time I have, they have been quite high. I may look into renting a car. We will know more after tomorrow. I'm supposed to talk to Miya's doctor tomorrow also to decide about the echo cardiogram. I guess I need to talk to BigD about it first but don't know yet how that will go. I'm trying to get everyone assigned to what they are going to fix for the anniversary party next month before I leave so that will be taken care of. I love this picture of my friend and most of her big Italian family. Her sister and her family are missing but all of her family along with her big brother and some of his family were present for her granddaughter's graduation party. They carried over the tradition their Dad had instituted for all his grandchildren when they graduated. I'll end tonight with a picture of a ladybug sitting on Page's hand. This was taken awhile back when she and Bentley were hiking I believe. I still enjoy looking at it. I have always loved ladybugs. They are also called lady beetles and ladybird beetles. They are great for protecting plants from aphids, however, they can also take over in a big way as my Page learned when she lived on the farm.

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  1. Interesting tidbit (from Brandon, this is my summary though I can't remember many specifics):

    Farmers who grow potatoes have a serious bug problem and have to use tons of pesticides. They spoke to an organic farmer who grows them and asked how he grows such nice large ones without the use of anything. He said he just brought in Lady Bugs and they eat up the bad bugs. He even makes tons more money per acre than the other farmers. Gotta love Lady bugs and our loving Creator who put them here! :D


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