Monday, November 29, 2010

Finally - the new "laundry" is complete.....

Out with the old and in with the new is very appropriate for what has finally taken place in my tiny little laundry room.Wow - how cluttered can something get? I've decided to pass all my Martha Stewart brushes on to Ann who loves anything Martha Stewart. I haven't decided if the lovely Ostrich Feather duster will be part of the ones I'm giving her yet - I love everything about it. What is sad about this picture is it isn't half as cluttered as it usually is in that little bitty space. The correct storage pedestals finally arrived and two wonderful men from HD installed them. BigD did have to run an errand for them to purchase the correct pipe for the dryer. The one we had wasn't long enough. I was surprised that BigD agreed to the pedestals but we were so pleased with how neat it looked we were thrilled to finally get them. Drum role....Had a little "feeling" earlier while washing a load of towels. Heard a bumping sound and when I walked by the door later, noticed the pedestal under the washer had come open during the spin cycle. Hmmm - will see if it happens again before I panic enough to call HD back out here. I got a call earlier today from Lowes telling me our new Refrigerator will be in tonight and after she inspects it tomorrow, she will call me with a delivery date. How do you say - my cup runneth over? Oh - I just did and it does. Before you think we have suddenly come into big bucks - let me assure you that is so far from the truth. Our stuff has just "worn out" and we have put it off so long it has become sad. Besides - isn't that what charge cards are for? Yeah- makes me feel a little sick to my stomach every time I think about it if the truth be known.

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  1. The new W&D look so perfect in their new home!! Happy for you, hope you like the new fridge just as much! For a short while, I'm sure you will be a little more excited to do your laundry in your cool new W&D!!


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