Friday, June 29, 2012

CT Scan - done and done

So I got very little sleep last night and have only had one 20 minute nap today. Color me tired and in pain. We arrived right on time for my 7:30AM CT Scan and I was blown away once again. The Radiology department is just as pretty as the rest of the Center. I had removed my earrings and all I had to do was remove my bra. Went into a small but pretty room with one machine in it and after I was situated, the scan took no time at all. I had to hold my left arm above my head at a strange angle which tells me loud and clear how much I need to do my therapy.
This is not what the room looked like at all. It is just an example of the machine. Once I was helped onto the slide with soft sheets, pillow for head and under my knees, I looked up into what looked like a large cottage type window sit into the ceiling. Of course it wasn't a real window but it looked real with a blue sky and white clouds and tree tops with different colored leaves - some green for summer and others colored for autumn. So peaceful to look up and see that. The room was pretty empty except for the machine and the clean wood looking floor and beautiful colors on the walls. My technician wore dark pants and shirt with the Duke Logo and you could tell he loves what he does. I have been so fortunate to have great people working with me for the most part. My appointment with Dr. Ready wasn't until 9:30AM so we had a bit of a wait. He came in after he got the first result and said at first look, he didn't see anything but would have to wait for the complete report. He said he felt he would have it Monday and would call if there was anything to report. Good news so far. He asked me about my therapy and I told him I had quit for now because of how bad they messed me up and set me back. He stressed to me that he wants me to do the therapy at home in spite of the pain because I really need it. I have been trying and hope I will get better. If I don't, I'll just have to suck up and go back. The bad thing is they are so over-booked, you might have to wait two weeks between appointments. He wanted to know when I was going to see Dr. Scher (Surgeon) next and I told him next week. SO I hugged and thanked him, ran into Jennifer on my way out and hugged and wished her a happy vacation and told her about my chair, went downstairs and guess what? They had not taken our car to the garage so all we had to do was get in it and drive away. Wow. Douglas called - wanted to know how I like my chair. I told him it worked good last night. I have a feeling all chairs are going to bother my boney butt for awhile. I couldn't sit in the examination chair until it was actually time for him to look at me. He was on his way home and couldn't wait to just relax.  He didn't say anything about the assembly so I'll just wait and see what happens.


  1. I'm glad your appointment went well yesterday! Sorry you aren't sleeping as well as you need to, hopefully that will change soon!

  2. Thanks Kat - I was pretty happy myself.


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