Saturday, June 23, 2012

Working on a new attitude....

Eileen has been at the coast for a long time. She is supposed to be home this weekend because her daughter is coming down for the weekend. I think she will be going back down sometime next week so I hope I will get to see her. I think they have finished all but a little in putting a pretty new "face" on their perfect little cottage. I LOVE the colors they picked. It looks so fresh and new. She does have such good taste. I haven't been outside to walk in two days. BigD said it is just too hot. I want this post to be positive to make up for all the negative chit chat of the previous ones. I definitely need a new attitude I had some visitors today and that is always nice. Monee and Eddie came over for a nice chat. They both look great as always. Dawn and her hubby were going to mow the grass for her Dad who lives down the street. They couldn't get his lawn mower started and wanted to borrow my jumper cables. We had a nice visit and could have talked for hours but her hubby was getting just a little impatient. :-) She looks great. Page called and talked to Daddy for awhile and then chatted with me.  I told her about Dawn and how good she looks.  Oh - on another positive for Judee's sake - BigD returned the library books today that she brought me!!! Woo Hoo! Thank you Judee. OK - BigD just walked in, took one look at me and said -let's do the meds a few minutes early. for me!!!! Back to a positive note. Katarina brought their zero gravity chair over for me to use tomorrow. I hope it works and if it does, I'm definitely getting one.  She said she is enjoying her pioneering this month. :-) Gail and hubby are at the convention in Winston-Salem this weekend. I know they are enjoying it. He works so hard at our conventions and usually goes to an earlier one somewhere else. I talked with Roseanne about whether we were going to try and go to the one with our kids and she said she is but can't go until Friday night because she has to work and has to come back on Sunday night for the same reason. That means we would miss Friday's program which is okay because we can get it at ours the next month but I'm not sure how it would work out for me coming home on Sunday night after being at the program all day. No matter how I look at it, I'm thinking my going will create a hardship for everyone else so maybe the selfless thing for me to do would be to suck up and just get to my own in August. Color me very, very sad (or BLUE).  I also haven't even asked my kids how they feel about me coming up to go with them. I'm thinking that it will be selfish of me to add to their stress. SO - maybe the most loving thing I can do would be to just wait another month and try to make it to the one in August. : ( My sweet hubby just told me he might could help me get up there if I really want to go. He suggested someone meeting him halfway on Thursday to "hand me off" and pick me back up on Monday. That way he could go fishing. I still don't know how that would work. The brother from the Governing Body who will be a special guest speaker this year is someone who used to be our Circuit Overseer. I would love to see them and hear one of his wonderful discourses again.  I love this picture of Miya with her Daddy on the sofa. She would cuddle with him a lot more if he would let her.  I'm so looking forward to our semi-annual visit from our Circuit Overseer and his lovely wife next week. I snatched this picture from FB. This will be our second visit from them. They are doing something completely different this year regarding lunch. Instead of them rushing back to the hall and then to some one's home for lunch and then rushing back to the hall for service; they plan to eat their lunch at the Kingdom Hall every day. Anyone who wants to can bring their own lunch and eat at the hall with them.  How loving is that?  I haven't heard any other details but I think this is a great idea. Those who pioneer and/or go out full days almost always bring their lunch to the hall to eat. It will also prevent someone from missing service one morning to prepare their lunch.

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  1. I hope the chair works well for you! Don't forget to bring a small pillow. I think that is such a great new arrangement with the lunch for the CO. They didn't do that at our hall, but I would have really enjoyed it. You will LOVE Bro. P's talks, they are sooo good and he is so kind and sincere! Love you.


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