Friday, June 15, 2012

Oops - just lost another day.....

I' I have lost more time. For some reason I thought today was Saturday. It could be a lot worse. I got an email from Faye asking me about directions to the family reunion this year. I responded with a
copy to my cousin Evelyn telling her that she will have to give us all the address since my GPS was stolen when my car was broken into. It will be so hard not having Dwayne with us. He and his siblings were always making sure everything was set up and going right. Last year we had it in a new place and because of their hard work, it went very well. We talked one time about how our Mom's would be disappointed in us if we didn't continue this tradition with our families. I can't remember my Mom missing any of the family reunions she went to.  I love the picture of Dwayne and his beloved Joy. The one in the yellow shirt shows the brown eyes most of us got from our Perkinson side.  He got his height from his beautiful, sweet Mom. The one with me in the middle shows Evelyn beside me.  I'm really looking forward to seeing Aunt Eunice and her family.  When Dwayne and I found out we both had been diagnosed with cancer, it was a shock.  Sadly, cancer is a word that is all too familiar to dear Evelyn.  It was such a shock with Dwayne - he has always been a healthy person and when his rib broke when he bent over on the lawnmower to pick up a stick, it led to the diagnoses. He was in Stage 4 and  didn't respond well to treatments.  After I found out about him, I called and we spoke briefly.  I look back and try to remember more about it. I was in such a bad place myself at the time, I doubt I will ever recall everything. When I let myself think about it, I have to move my mind away pretty quick.  I am looking into getting one of the zero gravity chairs I've heard about. I think it would come in handy at the meetings and would allow me somewhere to sleep if we went out of town.  I've looked on-line and found I can get one much cheaper than I first thought. I do want a good one though. If it works like I hope, I will be able to sit comfortably for longer periods of time. I'm thinking positive now. If this chair works out, I'll be able to take it to the reunion.  I would also take it down East when we go to visit GG.  And maybe take it to the convention so I can sit for longer periods of time.  We'll see.  Dwight really wants to go fishing next week. After today, I realized he "needs" to go fishing in a big way. He asked me to look at some of his invoices and then got quite agitated about how he wanted to communicate with a customer. It took me awhile but I think I have it all worked out so he can go. Deb will spend Monday night with me but is going down East Tuesday. JudyC can't help because her hubby is having a colonoscopy. Yikes. Whew - Geral is going to spend the night with me Tuesday and take me to my early morning appointment at Duke on Wednesday. I'm glad I thought about her because I've really been missing her lately. I love this picture of her with out beloved Jeri. Hopefully Dwight will be home in time to take me to the afternoon appointment but if not, she said she would. "Problem solved!" I cancelled the therapy appointment on Thursday. I'm going to try to leave Thursdays open so I can feel like going to the meeting that night. I also cancelled it because I want to be home when Sandy brings her study over. I'm really looking forward to sitting in on this particular study with her Aunt. Dwight is eating his prime rib, fries and nice salad from Outback. He said it is real good. He is very excited about going fishing and I'm very happy it worked out.I will close this with a picture Patsy sent me from her "cottage by the sea". They are painting it this beautiful blue. The trim she picked out is going to look fabulous!!! They are getting closer and closer to when they will move down for good. I know she is getting so excited! Hopefully I'll sleep better tonight. I haven't been as active today but plan to rectify that tomorrow. "Buenas noches"


  1. We have a chair like that, they sell them at costco for $45? You can try ours out and see if you like it. I'm sorry about Dwayne. I hope big D has a good time on his fishing trip. Love you.

    1. I would love to try yours. Could you bring it over?


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