Thursday, June 14, 2012

Acupuncture and Lymphoma Oncologist...

Interesting day I guess. I did learn a valuable lesson today - don't schedule any afternoon appointments on Thursdays. Especially if you have morning ones also. We started this morning with my Acupuncture. My pain has been pretty significant again lately. When I described it - she became very proactive and took a long time to work on the scar tissue behind my scar.
Dwight came in to get a few pictures when she finished. That is hard for him because he really hates needles of all kinds. I need to schedule an appointment for next week and then she will be going on vacation. We talked about my doing one more therapy session with the physical therapists and then just continue doing it myself. I noticed today that the fluid seems to be trapped right under my ear. It was very painful this afternoon. We came home for an hour and then went to my second appointment with my Lymphoma Oncologist. My numbers still looked good. Even better - my blood pressure was great!  I let them know I would be getting a Cat Scan on the 29th.  I am grateful that nothing has changed significantly in this area. By the time we got home, my pain was at an all time high so Dwight rushed to the drug store to get me some liquid Tylenol.  Thank goodness I can take that between my Oxy. I went to sleep and slept through the first part of the meeting.   That was disappointing since I was all prepared to go tonight.  Dwight felt like I needed the sleep more. I wore one of my new outfits Kelly ordered for me from JJill today.  Thankfully, I have no appointments for tomorrow. Kelly called and we had a nice long chat about something going on at work.  She wanted my advice on a Human Resource subject.  We brainstormed a bit and she worked through how she was going to handle things.  Such a smart young woman.  I told her that her Dad talked to Matt about building a ladder to use when we are down at the coast in August.  We can put the ladder in the water when we want to swim, take it out and store it under the sink on the dock when we don't need it and put it in the shed when we leave.  Maybe they will do it while they are down this weekend. Debbie and Ruby cleaned my house yesterday. So nice of them. They even visited for a little bit before they had to go home and get ready for a study.  Dwight bought some fresh corn today and had a feast for dinner. He had left-over grilled pork chops and potato soup from last night with the corn and butter. He said he hurt himself with the corn. I do love the first corn of the season. I am so ready to start eating again. I'm sure I will gain some of the weight I've lost back.  Miya is sound asleep on my legs, Dwight is snoring up a storm on the couch and I'm wide awake.  The pain is coming back so I'm waiting to take some pain med before I try to sleep again. Jessie told me there is a chance Doug's work schedule may change for the better starting next month.  At this point, he has been having to work some Saturdays which makes it hard to plan things for the weekend.  Hopefully starting next month, he will not have to work any Saturdays which will make it easier for them to come visit on the weekends.  Missing all my babies....


  1. Sorry the pain came back yesterday. Having a ladder is a good idea. Glad to hear about Kurt's job! I really hope it works out for them! I know it must be tough on all of you with that crazy schedule. So, you're planning a beach trip in August? Fantastic! Love you!

    1. Love you too Kat - yeah- Page went ahead and scheduled our normal week before school starts vacation at the beach. I'm definitely planning to be there barring any unforeseen occurences. :-)


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