Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sixth day of the sixth month of 2012

Wow - almost halfway through the year. Now that I can actually say I'm getting better and believe it - the "real" world is rushing toward me pretty fast. Page got to town Saturday afternoon and BigD got an early start on Sunday morning for his long awaited fishing trip. We had a busy morning Monday. We missed our first appointment with the Dermatologist because we were running late. When they said it would be awhile for them to work us in, I realized I would have to reschedule because I had an appointment for a Physical. Everyone was excited to see Page when we got to Dr. Stu's office. I hate to say it but my beloved daughter "outed me" to Dr. Stu.  He asked if I was walking and I said - yes and Page said Mom, you have never lied to anyone in my whole life but you are telling a lie right now. I said - No I'm not and she said YES - you are.  I will call you and ask if you are walking and you say yeah - some. Then I call Daddy and ask him and he says - Nah - she says she is going to but the day goes by and she doesn't make it.  By now we are all laughing and I said to Dr. Stu - "but I have done it - in my heart". The good news from my physical was that considering what I've been through, I'm pretty healthy. More good news was Dr. Stu told me I could stop taking my BP medication this week as long as I had someone who could take it every day this week with a real BP cuff and it stays normal. Enter my dear friend who just happens to be a nurse. So far, my BP has been great so I'm hoping that will be one less pill I'll have to take. The mail brought me more than my usual cards from Rose and Cat - Lin sent me a card with sweet gifts - more of my beloved dragonflies!  Page ordered lovely gifts for Katarina and Ann for cleaning my house so good  several weeks ago.   I fell totally in love with both of them.  She ordered them from Esty and got herself one too.  We drove out to the farm to see Ann and family Monday night.  On the way we stopped so Page could give Katarina her gift. We were glad to see her hubby too.  I know they are having a hard time right now - still in the wait and see mode for a real diagnoses from the latest biopsy. This is her bracelet. It is made from sterling silver utensils. I tried it on and loved it. They cut the pretty part with the design off, punch holes in the small ends, run a loop through it with very strong little magnets that hold it tight. She loved it as I knew she would. After talking with them a few minutes, we drove to the farm. As always, as soon as we cross the river, my breathing slows down and I start feeling so calm. This is Ann's bracelet and she loved hers too. Mae came down for dinner so I got to visit with her awhile too. There was a "little" accident with a piece of furniture but overall, it was a great evening. My camera isn't taking very good pictures lately. These are the only two that aren't blurry and they aren't great.This one of Page and Biscuit in her little bed. Both of the kids have the coolest rooms.Boy and Biscuit play well together but an older brother needs his "space" from time to time. :-)I did learn that I still need to be able to push my upper body back to really relax. Keith found a picture of a folding chair we think will work when I'm away from home but now he has to find where to buy it. The weather has been delicious - warm sun with cool air and a breeze. Page and Keith went for a three mile walk yesterday afternoon. Later, Ann, Boy, Biscuit and Keith came over for dinner. Page made guacamole followed by spaghetti and broccoli. It was nice being with everyone. I was SO happy and relieved to see Roseanne and Kadee today. She is tired and a little sore but mostly "put out" as Mama would say. There has been so many things rushing at her lately and it is getting to be just a little too much. I was happy to hear that Fran is going to come up and spend the night with her. I know they will enjoy each other. So Page is having dinner with a workmate, BigD will be home tomorrow afternoon and Page will fly home a little later. I have so enjoyed having her here and will miss her.

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