Friday, June 29, 2012

Last Friday of the Sixth Month of the Year 2012...

My zero gravity chair is in the house! The chair arrived yesterday afternoon and Dwight put it up right away. After sitting in it for a period of time, he declared it as - okay. Ya gotta love a man of few words.
Check out Miya - she was so curious. I love the one where she looks back at me as if saying - "Mama, what is it and why is Daddy sitting in it"? Dwight put it in the car and we took it to my meeting last night. A brother met us at the back door, brought it in and set it up for me. It is a way too heavy for me to carry but that is what makes it sturdy. They set me up in the back of the auditorium right in the middle.  As a matter of fact, since they have moved the chairs in a way to prolong the life of the carpet, we now have a wide center aisle and yep - I was sitting against the wall/window right at the end of the center aisle. Every brother who had a part looked right into my eyes. But what a wonderful treat to be at the meeting! I arrived early enough to see many of friends. One of the first people to come over and talk to me was our CO! He had been to see me on Wednesday and was excited the chair had come and I was able to make it. His wife was about the third person to make it over to greet me. What a lovely young couple! Their picture was in the local paper explaining what they do with the congregations. It was a wonderful witness. This will be their last time with us; they were filling in for our assigned CO. He said they will be at our convention so hopefully I'll see them there. This
isn't a good picture but it will give Page an idea of how the red top she bought me looked last night. I wore it with the black skirt Patsy had given me. I'm glad I took my wrap - it was nice and cool in the KH. I even tried to sing along with the congregation. I sounded like a scratchy record but it was so nice to try. Debbie put a chair beside me and came back to keep me company. She is such a wonderful friend and sister. Her daughter Kim and family brought me home and I told them how much I appreciate her Mom but that I worried she was going to wear herself out taking care of so many others. She worries about the same thing but we both know it is what makes her who she is.  Debbie loved the home made pimento cheese Dwight got her when he went up to Roxboro and got himself some. Any-who - I've been awake for close to an hour and need to get some clothes on. We are due at Duke at 7:30 for my CAT Scan and following appointment with my Oncologist. The temps today and through the weekend are supposed to be in the 100's.
Get the idea? Thought this was so cute and definitely appropriate. Guess I had better get up and get some clothes on. Stay cool.....

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  1. That corn picture is hilarious! I'm going to steal it! I'm so glad that you were able to make it to the meeting and last the entire time! Shall we dub the new chair "miracle chair?" Well, whatever you name it, I'm glad it's working!!


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