Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pain, exhaustion and encouraging visitors....

Yesterday was a busy day - had my first appointment with Jennifer in the morning. We had to wait over an hour because they were so busy. The really good thing about her is you are never made to feel like she is rushing you out just because she is already running behind. If anything, I was rushing her because I felt so bad. I had taken the paper to her with the obituary of a patient of theirs. It turned out, I recognized him from my freshman and sophomore year of high school. He died from cancer and the obituary mentioned both she and my oncologist with gratitude for everything they did for him. When I gave it to her, she teared up pretty bad but was very grateful to me for sharing it with her.  As I recall, he was always a nice guy. His brother was a wonderful athlete and even handsomer than he was. She was happy to hear that I am now off my blood pressure medicine and had cut back on another one. She told me I wouldn't start feeling better from being off the Fentanly patch for about 10 more days. Evidently it builds up in your system.  I can't wait to see if it the change is significant. Now I'm cutting another pill in half and will be working on getting off that one over the next few weeks. I had a few episodes and we were both exhausted when we got home. We both fell asleep and thank goodness Dwight's phone rang and woke us up in time to make it to my afternoon therapy appointment. Wow - it was a pretty intense session. They had me doing stretches that are all but impossible. We were there for almost two hours. Today I have really been paying for it. I can hardly make it four hours between my pain medication. It was so bad earlier that I got a little emotional at one point. I was down so I called Kelly to chat with  her and then got kinda weepy after I hung up because I had let her know I felt bad. I try not to do that too much. I told Dwight that I had a little private pity party and then made myself snap out of  it. About that time Sandy called to say they were on their way over after picking up their lunch. We had arranged for her to come today and bring her bible study with her. Her study and I have a few things in common from when I first started studying and even now. I was excited on many levels to see them. It has been too long since I've seen Sandy. (picture top left) She looks great - her hair is shorter than this picture and is very flattering. She is studying with her Mom's sister - Tani.(picture lower right) I can't remember the last time I saw her but she is doing so well. She loves what she is learning and we talked about having an older sister who had tried to talk to us about things for years before we studied. Also the fact her husband isn't interested now - and how to communicate without coming across as preachy. It is always good to see Judy. (picture lower left) She is very happy about Tani studying and loving what she is learning. Everyone talked openly and freely. You sure can tell they are all three related can't you? Sandy asked me again to please get Kelly's phone number to her. She just wants to get caught up. I can't believe I still haven't done that. I explained that I have to get her permission to give her number to anyone but I totally keep forgetting to mention it. I called and left a message to call me but I'm not sure she got it since it was her work number. Will try to remember to call her later. Sandy has aided so many people to accurate knowledge, dedication and baptism. I'm very proud of her. I hope they will come back again. It was very encouraging to me. I had to take my pain meds as soon as they left and have been trying to finish studying for the meeting tonight. I so hope I'll be able to stay for the entire meeting. Alice is going to ride with us to Wake Forest on Sunday. Hopefully there will be enough people to make it nice. I'm just not up to putting the work into it that I did last year. Amy sent an email letting everyone know she was bringing enough food for Dwight. She sounded pretty good.  So - it is 6:16pm and I'm not due pain meds until 7:00 at the earliest and am exhausted to the nth degree.  Will have to be a little late for the meeting but still planning to be there.  Thank you Judy, Tani and Sandy for your encouraging visit.  Next time I'll try to do what Dwight told me to do this time and let other people have their turn. :)

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