Sunday, June 17, 2012


I am so happy I got to the meeting today. I studied my WT yesterday and had everything set up so I could get there.I took a picture of the outfit I wore today. Thank you Patsy - everything fit very well. My plan was to stay for the whole meeting. Sadly, I learned the hard way that will not be possible unless I purchase the zero gravity chair. After sitting upright for about an hour, I am in bad shape. Kim came over to speak to me when I first got there. I was glad because I wanted to ask her if she would cut my toenails and polish them like she did for Geri. She said she would be happy to do it after the meeting. Color me happy. Then she and Drea came over and sat with me. She noticed right away when I started having a little distress. I went to the bathroom thinking I would just go ahead and get through an episode and that would be it. Nope - didn't work. I finally gave up and she offered to bring me home. I think I waited too long because I really had to lean back as soon as I could. I wish I had gotten a picture of her dress and shoes - so pretty. She came over after the meeting and brought all her "stuff" to give me a "real" pedicure. While she was here, Drea came over to visit while she finished up. I told Drea today about knowing her Dad and his first wife many years ago. I also told her how sweet her Dad had always been and she agreed. She got his height and her sister is very short like their Mom. Drea said she was glad she got her Dad's height. One funny thing - Dwight had to pull my tank top over my head to get it off. Reminded me of the day Kelly and I were trying clothes on in the living room and she had to pull my top over my head every time I tried one on. It was another beautiful day with some coolness in the air in spite of the hot sun. Hope it will stay like this awhile longer. Dread the really hot weather we usually get. Page called me from her new cell phone. I sent her a text message and she was happy to learn how to do that too. She is growing up too fast. Lori called again - they are definitely coming one weekend in July. We are looking forward to seeing them. Faye called to see if I plan to go to the family reunion next Sunday. She said Sidney told her he didn't want to go. Alice told her that Monica and hubby would take her down. Faye was worried because she doesn't want to go if some of the rest of us don't. I assured her that I was going for a short period of time. I think Douglas, Jessie and Kelly plan to go too but I'm not sure.

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  1. I'm so glad that you made it to the meeting today! I'll ask Brandon to get the chair ready tomorrow when he gets home from work, and I'll drop it by on Tuesday if I can. It's going to be a crazy couple of weeks playing catch up with my time. I'm sorry that you got sick. Baby steps. Don't overdue yourself. Love you!


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