Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summertime and the living is easy.....

Etta James was a lovely woman who wore her hair blonde as much as she did brunette. She was 73 when she died of leukemia and still very attractive.
This was a lovely picture of her when she was younger. I love the "Summertime" song above and 'At Last' which was played at Faye's daughter's wedding. We are definitely in summertime these days.  Dwight said it is supposed to be "smoking hot" this weekend. Sadly, the nice breeze has become a thing of the past for awhile. I did get to walk around the yard this afternoon several times.  Dwight watered the flowers on the deck before he went over to Boyd's to eat fish. I took a few pictures of the flowers and am happy to have so much pretty color to look at everyday.
I also snapped a picture of our neighborhood "watch dog" next door - Rex. He was too far away so I'll have to try again. I would love to meet him one day up close and personal. He really is a good watch dog. His owners are going out of town this week and his "Auntie" will be coming to take care of him. I also snapped a shot of the vine we had growing in our Azalea last year and thought we had gotten rid of.  Evidently not since it is growing again and recently started climbing up the front of the house. It is actually pretty.  I am not sure what Dwight plans to do about it.  I guess we could start calling our place
the "ivy" covered cottage. Just kidding - or am I?  I also snapped a picture of my 3 plus year old hosta which looks pretty good this year.
We just let it die back every winter to nothing and then every spring so far, I try to pull the dead pine needles out of the pot and this is what it does. I love it myself. Bought it from a guy out on Cheek Road. I used to call on a lady on Fletcher's Chapel and she is the one who told me how to keep it. She has tons of them in pots in the front of her house and all she does is move them under the pines beside her yard. I don't even do that - especially since it is close to our little tree in front of the house. And I snapped a picture of the vines that climb a tree out back. I love the flower and have no idea what plant it is from.
Hopefully you can see the pretty orange blooms on the vine. I might ask Debbie - I'm sure she knows what it is. So I will close this late night post with a picture of Michael watching the sun set at the coast. I hope he is having a wonderful time. I am so looking forward to seeing them next month.  Lori asked me about hotels and were they in good neighborhoods. I know the one they have stayed in the last few years is in a pretty decent neighborhood. I don't really know about any other ones. I totally enjoyed my visit from the CO, Lucy, another brother and his son who was so cute. We had a lively conversations that was so encouraging. I told him I was hoping to get to the pioneer meeting this afternoon. I fell asleep and had no time to make it so I text messaged Lucy to tell him how sorry I was. He said a lovely prayer before he left and thanked Dwight for taking such good care of me. Marlan called and is hoping to come over for a bit tomorrow. I also got to see Patsy today - she has been one busy little bee lately. They will be going back down to the beach cottage Friday for several more weeks. They still have some painting to do. I do believe I'm going to have to move my next pain medication up about 30 minutes. It is getting very painful and I think it is because I did some of my therapy/stretching. Oh man....Happy Hump Day everyone.... Wanted to share the last picture Paul sent me of their son watching the sun set over the ocean.  A sight I have seen many times and yet I never tire of it.  Beautiful shot isn't it? This one reminds me a little of the one Marlan took and gave me not too long ago.

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  1. I'm so happy to see that the flowers are still blooming and beautiful! {and not dead ;-) } Thanks to big D for keeping them watered, especially in this heat!


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