Saturday, June 30, 2012

Last Day of 6th Month of Year 2012

It is 105 degrees outside right now. Dwight went to the mailbox earlier and was dripping
sweat off his face when he came right back inside. Hope these temperatures don't last too long. Marlan came over for a nice visit with us today. She worked 14 hours yesterday! She also had to take a phone call from the office while here. She said they have been slammed lately. I wonder if the heat index has anything to do it? This little boy has the right idea doesn't he? There are tons of pictures on the news links of others trying to cool off including some walking in public fountains. I do think it is harder here because of our high humidity.  I just want people to be safe and not overdo it. I woke very early and took my meds hoping to get back to sleep quickly since I've been having a problem with that lately. Not only did I get back to sleep, I slept until 10AM!
Have felt pretty good. I did my first session of stretching exercises and am proud to say I did very well. I'm supposed to work up to three times a day and feel like I will be able to do that. How do you like the professional diagrams they gave me to work with? LOL I also worked on my neck some more to keep the fluid down. I was going to walk but Dwight and Marlan said it is just too hot.  So tomorrow we will be enter the second half of this year. Thinking positive thoughts.

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