Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lots of medical mumbo-jumbo....

Well we had another busy day today. First I slept until 11:00AM which was a good thing because it felt good but a bad thing because I knew Jennifer was going to send me an email telling me when to come in today. It turns out she had emailed me around 7:30AM to come in right away - the earlier the better. SO - I jumped into some clothes and we got there around 11:40 which wasn't bad at all. Of course we had to wait since she was already running behind and was working me in. The official diagnoses was not a surprise - Phlebitis. She wants me to take Aleve twice a day, apply heat several times a day, walk several times a day and keep my leg elevated above the level of my heart. That is where it gets interesting and at times is a challenge. With Kelly's help, I finally figured out something that will work. Then she started asking me some questions to get a better update on how I've been doing overall. I told her I was pleased with the acupuncture and how often I've been doing it.  Then she started probing a little more and I admitted to her that yes, it was all getting real old. She put her hand on my shoulder and that was all she wrote - I started crying. I immediately I tried to stop but told her I had to admit I have been feeling a little depressed lately. That I have found myself tearing up over nothing lately when I'm alone. I hated it happened because I know it makes Dwight very uncomfortable, partly because he knows I have been trying so hard to fight it. She asked me to please consider going back on the anti-depressant I used during my treatments. She reminded me that I'm still healing and that the length of time I have been so sick would wear on anyone. After talking about the mucous, dry mouth and thrush, she is called in prescriptions for something that is supposed to add moisture to my mouth as well as a rinse to help with the thrush.  If you were to read the information about the rinse for the thrush, you would wonder if you should use it but I promised I would.  At the end of the appointment, she told me to look forward to our week at the coast in November with real anticipation that I would be better by then. I walked around the house ten times this evening and felt quite proud of myself. I listened in to the meeting tonight because my leg was hurting pretty bad and I would have been late by the time I finished walking. Bottom line - I'm now taking more stuff than I was which doesn't make me happy but if these things will speed up my overall recovery, it will be worth it. The potential blood clot was a wake-up call so maybe taking the anti-depressant will help me feel like being more active. And if that rinse will help get rid of the yeast growing on my tongue, it will be worth it too.  Positive thoughts, positive thoughts......


  1. Sorry, that it has been a difficult week.

  2. Man, it's always something isn't it? I'm sorry that you've got another thing to add to the list. Please do look forward to your upcoming trip to the coast with a view to being better. I'm hopeful that the new meds will be helpful. You're always near to my thoughts. I'm sorry that you are having such a hard time. I wish I could take it away for you. Love you!


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