Saturday, May 1, 2010

OBX day 2 - Wedding, Family, Party......

What a wonderful day! It started with a nice cup of coffee in our little Paradise. The groom and many of his friends were staying here last night and were out and about with their dogs. We got a feeling they are all a nice group of young people. Then we went for our "ride". As mentioned in previous posts, I love to just hop in my car and go for rides on beautiful days never quite knowing where I will end up. One of the things BigD does when we go out of town is go for rides - sometimes I get to go too - especially if we are alone somewhere. Today was a day like that - we had places we knew we had to go but also some places to "meander" to. We rode over to Wanchese - one of my sister-in-law's favorite places when we used to come down for our fishing trips. Several times we set out on our day long fishing jaunts from there. We were on a mission - we were looking for grills. BigD will only grill on one kind of grill that is getting harder and harder to find. Sadly, they were out. BigD is going to have me order them - he will get enough for all his friends who are convinced if they cook on the same kind of grill he does, it will be as good. Poor babies - they have no idea. Of course, I'm prejudiced! Then we headed down to Oregon Inlet - what memories flooded in as we approached where we always fished when we were here. Of course, BigD still comes here often to fish but we both started talking about various trips and he talked a lot about when he was young and came down with his Dad and Brother. On the way to the Inlet, we noticed a strange looking structure across the marshes. As we got closer, we realized it was the Bodie Island Lighthouse - it was being renovated. After we rode over the Oregon Inlet Bridge and back, we went to see the lighthouse. I mentioned that I didn't think I would want to climb up that scaffolding and BigD laughed and said he was just thinking about how when he was younger, he would have tried his best to get on it but not now! They have a really nice walkway over the marshes and we enjoyed taking our time looking at the teeming life in the marshes. It is really hard to take pictures that show what we see in cases like this. There were tons of crabs that were hiding in the mud waiting for the minnows to swim by. I finally caught a video of tiny little dragonflies - you can barely see them but I got them. We met some nice people who were visiting from CA. It was a brother from Oakland and his two sisters from the Bay area. They were totally enjoying our local seafood. They took our picture for us and encouraged me to go ahead and go visit my friend in Carmel. Hmmm - very tempting. On the way back to the truck, we noticed a very wicked looking plant! I have never seen anything quite like it but it looked like something out of a bad movie. It was pretty in a strange way but when you looked at the thorns on the leaves, it made you shudder to imagine what it would be like to stumble into more than one of these things. What am I talking about - I would hate to stumble into even one of them. Then we did a drive to where the wedding and reception are taking place. By then I was starving! So BigD suggested a Dune Burger - Yum. Of course he got a hot dog and when I smelled the chili, I almost wished I had gotten that instead of the yummy cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato - double Yum. BigD remembered when he and a friend came down years before - when BigD was a teenager and the Dune Burgers cost $1.25 each (they now cost $5.00 each) and how they lived off them that week! Good memories! We brought our food home, ate and laid down for awhile. We got so relaxed, we had to talk each other into getting up to get ready for the wedding! Isn't that terrible? It really was a good day - but then it got even better. We got dressed and got there just before the bridal party were going to walk over the dune onto the little beach on the sound side of Jockey's Ridge. These are the older and younger sister of the bride. All three of the girls and beautiful, smart and talented. BigD and I have enjoyed watching them grow into fine young women. BigD said he loved playing on the big dunes when he was a boy - you could jump off 20 feet and land in sand. Everyone was going barefoot because of the sand - there were chairs set up in the sand parallel to the water (where people were still swimming) and the rest of us continueed the "aisle". I did mostly mini-videos of the wedding - it was lovely. The wind was blowing so it was hard to hear everything but it was just too pretty. I loved the little sundresses the bridesmaids wore - they had the original planes appliqued on them along the theme of The Wright Brother's Memorial. The brides dress was designed and made by a new designer. The children in the wedding party were so cute and all the kids at the wedding loved being on the beach. I did get a little misty when it was mentioned to have a moment of silence to remember those who were no longer with us and I couldn't help but think about Papa and Far Far - I'm sure GG and Far Mor were thinking of the same two people. I got so many good pictures but can't put them all here. I wanted to show some of the detail of the brides beautiful dress. I think she was very happy with it. If you look closely at the picture of the bride and groom's feet, you will see the shoes the entire wedding party wore to the reception. How cool is that? After the wedding, we came by the room to change clothes. I LOVE casual weddings and receptions. The reception was wonderful. The bride's parent's outdid themselves in giving them a wonderful party to start their lives. Each table had a different decoration on it and each one was unique. I noticed a lot of the flowers were used in the bouquet's the wedding party carried. The cake had a beach theme and was very unique. Part of it was white and part of it was chocolate. We brought a piece home and I'm waiting to eat mine later. Big D said it was sweet and crunchy. Crunchy? Can't wait to see what that is. How nice to be with family we haven't seen in so long. All the children are grown with children of their own now. The food, beverages, band and music was great! I just can not sit still when good music is playing. I finally found Deb and she and I danced one dance and it took me back almost 50 years to when she and I used to dance all the time. So does all the walking and dancing count as exercise? Probably but all the good food probably counter-acts it! I'll put a few more pictures so my kids can see what they missed. Wish they could have been here too. They would have totally enjoyed being with everyone. I LOVE OBX!!!!!!!!!!!!

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