Sunday, November 14, 2010

46th Sunday of 11th Month of 2010th year....

Roseanne and I grabbed a quick bite and headed downtown after the early meeting to see Billy Elliot today. It is the first time I've been to our new Performing Arts Center and I was impressed. Except for the American Dance Festival and other University productions, we have had to go to our sister city to see any real shows so we are happy to have a place of our own. I wasn't quite sure exactly where the new center was so we headed downtown toward the old tobacco factories that have been "refreshed" into cool shops, restaurants, art galleries and there it was!The production company did a wonderful job and the musical was even more than I anticipated. Having seen the movie years ago, I was anxious to see how they would accomplish the story behind the dance and was blown away. I saw the movie on the TV so it must have been cleaned up because I didn't recall the "salty" language that was in the musical. There was such a long line waiting to get into the garage after the show we decided to sit by the fountain and enjoy the beautiful weather for awhile to wait.:-)The city has been working hard to get our downtown cleaned up and I've noticed some changes the last few times I've been down there. People walking around both day and night, small cafes open with tables outside, condos and apartments all making it the bustling place it was when I was a young girl. I can remember riding with my sister Rose when we would go downtown to pick her husband up from work - he was the manager of a shoe store and all the stores stayed open late some nights back then. What I really love is the marriage of the new buildings like DPAC with the old buildings like the tobacco factories and mill buildings. After I dropped Roseanne off to get her car I picked up a little supper for me and BigD. So ends another beautiful Autumn day and the 46th Sunday of the year.

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