Monday, November 29, 2010

vacation is officially over......

The end of our vacation came so much quicker this year but I guess this is how it will seem from now on. Since I had another birthday last week - it means another year gone by. After the neighbors put up their fence, we didn't see as many of the ducks as before. The kids always loved taking stale bread into the yard and watching them run up to them to feed. Now the ducks get fed off the docks or walls - still beautiful though. As it turns out - the kids still enjoy feeding them every chance they get. We used to have to keep a sharp eye on them because they would take fresh biscuits or whole loaves of fresh bread out the door before we could catch them! I have to share the cute little "booties" Leah bought for me, Page and Ann (I feel so special to be included among the "girls"). Aren't they cute? I'm the bear - Hey - what does that mean? I didn't have that many little surprises to share this year. I was hoping the gifts I had ordered for Leah and Page2 would be in before this trip but have been promised they will be in by the end of this week. Ann gave me a lovely little wrought iron holder of 3 pretty green bottles that can be used to hold different oils in the kitchen. I think I have thought of another use for them though so will see how it works out. They are a very pretty green (which is my favorite color). Mae bought me a pair of silver earrings - dragonflies - I know you are all surprised. I think most people are aware of how much I do so love that delicate insect.I bought Ann a book I had ordered - I kept it long enough to read it myself before passing it on to her. She is the one of us who will whip up some of these wonderful recipes for housekeeping and beauty. As a matter of fact, she gave me a jar of homemade bath scrub with lavender in it. Can't wait to try it.This picture of Lee cleaning up before we left gives you an idea of how bad some of us were feeling. He was still feeling pretty rotten today too when I spoke with him. Hope tomorrow finds him doing much better. I always experience so many emotions when I'm in this wonderful place I have been privileged to share in for so many years. Eileen called me from service today - she was still down at the coast and was enjoying a full day with the friends down there. Whaaa - wish I could have been with her but to tell the truth, BigD and I have felt worse today than any day since last Wednesday. Hopefully this will pass - mine isn't as bad as his but still pretty miserable.Will have to admit this sweet card from Roseanne cheered me up - not just because it is about my cat but because it means she was thinking about me. Love you Roseanne.....

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  1. I love the booties they are so cute! Sorry your trip came to an end so soon :(


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