Saturday, November 13, 2010

Things keep changing but staying the same....

I've been so busy lately I haven't really taken time to look around much. To say I've dug a rut and have been living in it is putting it mildly. Since I also don't always have control over my environment, I don't worry about it too much. Yesterday around the time the sun was going down, I went out to get the mail. BigD always gets the mail and it is something I have to remind myself to do when he is out of town. Every time I do, I notice how bare it looks around our house now. When the people started working on the road in front of our house several years ago, BigD and I let ourselves believe some "problem" issues were going to be fixed - including the drainage ditch the DOT dug along our property line years ago and never came back to complete. NOT! Instead they cut down most of our nice trees along with a few straggly ones and dug the ditch wider but never finished anything. The road was widened in the curve in front of our driveway but they put a drain hole in the wrong place so now our driveway is even more dangerous getting out of - especially if you need to turn left which is the way we turn most of the time. Next thing we know - they are gone, the road hasn't been completed and we learn both companies that were responsible for everything went bankrupt. On a positive note, they did clean out a "natural" area in the front yard that looks better. So I don't have pretty trees to look at when I am in bed - just a few small trees with very few branches or leaves. The little strip of trees on the other side of the ditch are on our property and I know the neighbor probably wishes we would cut it down but without those, we wouldn't have any trees to look at out our front windows and that is totally unacceptable.Every time I pull out of my driveway and look at this sad excuse for a tree, I think of Ms. Johnson. She would cry to see what her granddaughter and her husband let someone do to what once was a gorgeous, huge Magnolia Tree. I used to slip over and cut the flowers (with her permission) and float them in a large fishbowl with black marbles. They would make the house smell so good. The next door neighbor moved away but rents out his house and they don't mow their part of the side and back yard that touches ours so the back yard is quickly becoming "natural" again. Oh well......At least I can still see the moon as it rises while the sun sets and there are a few tree tops to look over. The sun setting is still gorgeous and the sky is still clear. I always think about whether BigD, Page or Kurt are looking at the moon when I am and it makes me feel closer to them. BigD still isn't all about yard work and never has been but neither am I so even though some things change - others remain the same.

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