Friday, November 5, 2010


Ze pain, ze pain...pretty bad headache for the last two days. I'm trying not to complain since I haven't had a real full blown migraine in awhile so I'm just going to go with it and look forward to it being gone. BigD called around 9am and I just went outside for the first time to get the paper. It is pretty nippy but a perfect day - bright sunshine, clear sky - hate I'm missing service on a pretty day like today but will deal with it. I'm waiting to hear from Page - she is supposed to see a doctor about a headache she has had for awhile. My niece sent me this picture of her twin boys - guess they aren't boys anymore since one of them is a Daddy himself now.Yep - this is her second grandson - isn't he the cutest little thing you have seen in awhile? I know she is over the moon about both her grandbabies. Wow - that means my sister Ruth has two great-grandchildren now. Where did the time go? I see a lot of my niece in this little one.Roseanne's beautiful daughters from one of their "many" getaways. Not that I'm jealous or anything. LOL Love those beautiful smiles. Had to share Fran's granddaughter's first competition and from the looks of all the ribbons - she didn't do too shabby at all. I know of a stable in the area now that I can take Page to if she ever decides she can approach an animal that big. I want her to at least have the opportunity to ride the correct way. Maybe if Page sees her BFFF riding, it will give her incentive. On the other hand, when I think of how small she is and how far she would fall, I'm not so sure. :-)So I'm going to sign off for now - the "stomach" part of the headache has been going full force all morning - please let it be gone by tomorrow. Need to call hospice to check on my dear friend there. Was so glad I could go out and visit with her this week. She has such a special, pleasing personality - always has. She is very strong and brave - telling everyone what she wants to tell them before the end. What a gift she is giving them by doing that. It was nice to see her family and get caught up. Also need to return dear Cat's phone call from last night. Was on the phone with Page about her headache when she called and missed it.

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