Saturday, November 27, 2010

where has the time gone...

Just when it seems the vacation has just begun, it is almost over. How is that? Page left this morning and the only thing I can say about that is color me so SAD! BigD must have taken note of it because he asked me to go riding with him and to run some errands. It worked - we went down to the beach, drove down to Fort Macon, drove over to EI and over the bridge and all the water and sunshine started working a tiny bit of magic. While he was in WalMart picking up food for our dinner tonight, I sat in the car and called a few people I've missed talking with this week. I have more pictures to upload but suffice to say I received some really sweet gifts from some really sweet young people.I love this picture of Ann and Biscuit on the beach. Biscuit is too cute for words and if I posted every sweet picture of her, there would be no room for words or other pictures.Since we have all agreed this is one of the cutest, I have to add it. I wonder how many kids have jumped on these two beds over the years? She does a great job of keeping up with Page and Boy in most all of their activities.Ann and Leah took the kids to the park yesterday and from the pictures taken, they had a great time and worked out some energy. Lee and Kurt kept the kids and the "girls all went over to Beaufort for lunch and to browse just a few shops. It started raining but not on our parade. We had a great lunch on the water with good food and service.Leah had to order a gift so she arrived a little after everyone got their drink. It didn't' take her long to get close to the bottom of her first "pain killer".Of course she had to have another picture showing off the gift Page had just bought for her at a sweet little art store/gift shop.The food and company was great and we laughed a lot getting caught up with each other and just enjoying our time together as "girls". You would think I live as far away from Chess, Lynn, Ann and Mae as I do Page and Leah but it seems that way at times for as often as we get to see each other. I'm working on that though - carving out time to be with those I truly enjoy being with - especially old friends.Poor Kurt has been sick the entire trip with a stomach "thing". BigD has felt rotten with a bad cold most of the time here too.How do you say BFFF? These two - they have loved each other since they first met. Like me, Ann misses Page every day but we treasure every minute we have with her. Page is totally enjoying watching Ann and our gorgeous Lee raise their sweet family in the lovely homes they have created both here and on the farm. We have enjoyed the "fresh" eggs their sweet hens produced for our sumptuous breakfasts while we have been here.Speaking of food, check out the homemade chicken pot pie Leah produced along with the fresh turnip greens and kale cooked together that BigD produced - YUM. Yeah - no dieting this week - that is for sure.Then we had the gorgeous sunsets served up with a nice breeze (hair) and glass of my favorite wine. (Thank g00dness for the ability to CROP pictures.)Followed by a gorgeous sunrise with coffee and a book I've been reading. Until this afternoon, the weather has been warm, warm and warm. After the rain yesterday, it has been cooler but with clear skies and bright sunshine.One of my favorite people again. We have enjoyed having her daughter be with us and getting to know her a little better. I just found out Mae went back up to her cottage so think I'll sign off for now and go check on her. Believe me, too many pictures and fun things to share here but we are having fun. Sad to leave tomorrow but have Page coming back home in a month to look forward to and hopefully Bentley will come with her and we can all be together. Page just called to leave a message saying she is almost home. To be continued......

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  1. Looks like a great time! These pictures make me want a drink at the beach RIGHT NOW!!! :)


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