Sunday, November 21, 2010

first SAD for our new circuit #20..

Yesterday, Eileen, Rosanne and I piled into old Ava for our trip to WS to attend our first special assembly day as NC Circuit #20. It was held in a smaller building that houses a hockey rink. The floor was covered with thick mats and you don't feel like you are walking/sitting on an ice floor. Mae had us seats up in the stands but by lunchtime I knew that was not going to work for me on any level. Roseanne gave up and went to sit with her son and his family before the lunch break and Eileen and I went to the floor for and after lunch. The seats there were hard also but not as bad as the ones in the stands. If we go there next time, I plan to take a pillow and small stool and sit on the floor.During the lunch break I did get to visit briefly with some old friends I haven't seen much of over the years. Our new Circuit includes many congregations that were previously in another Circuit so we are all getting caught up with each other now. This is a young family my daughter was close to for many years. I can't believe their son is 16 now. There were over 2,300 people there so that is too big for the Assembly Hall we used to attend. We speculate about one of two things might eventually happen - once the SC Assembly Hall is complete, we will be broken into 20A and 20B and go back to the one we used to attend or they are going to build one closer to us in a different direction. For now, I'm just going to enjoy seeing so many of my old friends three times a year.And here they are with one of my oldest friends, Elbert. This is the first time they have been with us too so even more reasons to be happy. He is known as the best hugger in our area. :-)One of my handsome "guardian" sons - such a nice young man. His mom has done a great job with him and they seem so happy now they are no longer living under harsh circumstances any longer.And crazy CW - been a long time since I've seen him too. Great memories of when we were all much younger and working in service the month we were all laid off from our jobs come flooding back as I look at this. So much has changed for him since then but he is doing well.Another wonderful friend from the "old" West Congregation when all our families were young and we raised them together. Now all our children are grown and many have children of their own. And then a new friend. This is one of Roseanne's close friends from her congregation I've heard her speak of many times. She was interviewed as part of the program and I finally got to meet her. It was funny because I was talking to another friend from their congregation who introduced us and she said - "Oh, she talks about you all time." Then I said yes and I think Roseanne is your close friend too and she said "yes - and she talks about you too". :-) Nope - didn't ask her what they had to say...some things are better left alone. lol Roseanne went with her kids to Pat's for dinner and Eileen and I headed home. I'm amazed at how well I could see to drive on the highway after dark - there wasn't too much traffic so there weren't many bright lights behind me. I rushed home, came by the house to change clothes and pick up the cole slaw BigD had made and went to GG's where we had a feast of BBQ Chicken, mashed taters and cole slaw. Deb and Jim were already there along with their beautiful grandchildren. It was nice to be with them for a short visit.I know this picture doesn't really do it justice but this was the best I could get. The moon last night was gorgeous - I don't know how people get such good pictures of it because I finally had to just zoom as close as I could and it still doesn't do it justice. I guess I'll get dressed. I have to pick Gail up and go to Pat's Memorial service after which we will meet Kurt and pick up Leah and Page2. We are all getting very excited about our upcoming family time at the coast. Another gorgeous Autumn day for a country is good.

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  1. Nice you finally got to meet Patsy. I thought she did an excellent job on her part.


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